PCI/AGP Bridge issues

I have an epox 8RDA motherboard and im running WinXP on it and I have a Hercules 4000xt Kyro1 TV-OUT Graphics card :sad: (not very good but it should work) I do have a GeforceFX 5600 Ultra :bigsmile: in another computer, anyway the problem seems to be because of lack of resources on the motherboard, I installed the XP drivers that came with the CD :Z (probably outdated now).
In control panel/system/hardware device tab/ system devices there are two drivers that apparently use the same resources :rolleyes: , these are:

                 AGP HOST TO PCI BRIDGE

If the AGP one is enabled (and the other one disabled) the monitor flicks off and I have to restart only to find I can only get back in safe mode :a

If I enable PCI (AGP one disabled) then There isn’t any colour (apart from black and white) :eek:

I have had to disable both to get colour!!

Would it be any different with the other graphics card, if not is there any other way to resolve this :confused: :bow: :bow:

what ‘xp drivers that came with the cd’ are you going on about?

are there any bad side effects to disabling both of them??

have you downloaded the latest graphics card drivers from the internet?

could try installing nvidia unified drivers (currently the latest is nForce ForceWare 4.27, i think)

The cd drivers im talking about are the Motherboard drivers that came with the CD

If you disabling both the ‘bridge’ drivers thats what i’ve done, its the only way to get the computer running properly with colour on the screen, but it means that there aren’t any graphics drivers (because I’ve had to disable the AGP bridge drivers) except for the one that winXP installed ‘VGASAVE Adapter’

I have downloaded all the latest drivers for all my main hardware components except motherboard which I took off of the CD (mentioned above in this post):- Soundcard, Graphics card for both graphics drivers, joystick, modem, evenmy Lg monitor drivers (although i’m using my crappy SAMSUNG SYNCMASTER 3(WHOOPEE))

Trying to download the Motherboard drivers at the moment but it takes ages cos’ its 20-30MB and I need enough time on the computer without anyone else using it!!!

the motherboard drivers you are trying to download at the moment, are they the ones from epox or nvidia?

I haven’t downloaded them yet, which ones Are better,
I looked at the epox ones but they aren’t as big why is that, are the nvidia ones bigger because they cover more areas and fixes???

the epox ones should be better as they are more specific to your motherboard, but the nvidia ones are likely to be more up-to-date. as for size, the nvidia ones will include sound drivers (which you don’t need) and also possibly graphics card drivers (though not necessarily the latest!). try the epox ones first!

the epox ones should be better as they are more specific to your motherboard

Unless Epox did something really stupid with the design the above statement is incorrect.
Go with the newest drivers you can find but beware of nVidia’s POS drivers, especially the one for IDE.

Whats wrong with the ‘POS’ drivers, what do they do??? :confused: