PC133 running @ 100mhz with 66mhz Ram ! Help needed to fix it



I have an Abit VT6X4 (YK BIOS) with a P3 1ghz (133 mhz) and 256mb of PC133 ram (not over clocked). Ram is 2x 128mb.

I was getting an error similar to: cannot load Win2K. systemced not found. I traced that back to a known problem with my Promise ATA66 board & Win2K Pro.

I moved my drives around so that windows does not boot from the Promise card. I think I got that cured.

When I did that, I had to remove the processor and both sticks of ram (to get the drives out safely). All seemed to go fine. I built the system, so nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. No static, no snaps or pops. I was careful, grounded & sober.

When I rebooted, the bios said the processor had failed or been changed and hit F1 to continue or DEL to enter set up.

The bios is seeing the 1ghz P3 as a 500e P3.
I'm also getting the big single beep. I've narrowed that down to 1 of the dimms being screwed. It was running fine at 133mhz just an hour before I did this.

Go figure.

Now, I've fiddled...and got the processor to run @ 750mhz (100mhz bus). It will not run @ 133mhz.

The lone stick of ram will not go over 66mhz even though its PC133. The other stick will not work at all in any of the 3 dimm slots, therefore that stick has to be dead.

I doubt I cracked the board, because its running.

Currently it's set up at 100mhz x 7.5 DIMM is HCLK-PCICLK 100mhz-33mhz=66mhz.

The bios will not let me go past the 100mhz x 7.5 barrier. 133mhz gets the big single beep again.

I've done the CMOS jumper too.
Reset safe defaults etc. No luck.

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.


Here's the system specs:
P3 1Ghz (133mhz bus)
256mb PC133 Ram (2x 128mb)
Abit VT6X4 motherboard.
32mb AGP 4x GeForce2 video card
SB Live!

The drives:
IBM 20gb 7200rpm ATA66 Primary Master
Creative Labs 6x region free DVD Primary Slave
40gb 5400rpm ATA66 Maxtor Secondary Master
LG GCE-8160B 16x10x40 cd-rw Secondary Slave

Promise ATA66 card: 4.3gb Maxtor DMA 2 (it's my download drive).


You might try here http://www.pcguide.com/ts/x/sys/beep/index-i.htm They have a good walk thru trouble shooting guide for the problem you describe.


Thanks. I’ll give it a read.


Now I’m really confused.

I had an opportunity to put my ‘bad’ ram into another computer.
It ran as expected.

I’m thinking that it’s got to be a processor related thing.


Maybe check jumpers on mobo to ensure one was not pulled off by mistake such as front side bus or cpu frequency.Just a thought?