Hi sir
Please i will like to get help from, i have a problem installing new hard disk
to my computer but is the problem am facing now is(verifying DMI pool data and DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND ENTER) I WILL BE HAPPY IF SOLUTIONS THE PROBLEM. THANKS.:confused:

First off no caps. That is regarded as yelling at people and won’t get much help in return. You need to tell us what your specs are and how your HDD is attached? Are you sure that is a new or working HDD or booting off the correct Main system HDD? It sounds like your Bios boot isn’t configure correctly to boot off the system HDD go back and check your bios to make sure it is seeing the right drive. Without more info on your system specs it hard to know how it’s connect and configured???

Your new harddisk has become the first bootable harddisk. Make sure the boot harddisk is the first to be tried in the bios/setup.

basicaly youre hard drive wont boot well you have to insert your boot cd/dvd to install a new operating system.

this is not about the problem i just want to say sorry about the emaillink and web link i did not no the rules