PC World discontinues the sales of Floppy Disks

I just posted the article PC World discontinues the sales of Floppy Disks.

PC World, one of Europe’s largest computer retailers has finally announced the end of the floppy disc with it no longer re-stocking on floppy discs once its existing stocks have sold off. By…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12946-PC-World-discontinues-the-sales-of-Floppy-Disks.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12946-PC-World-discontinues-the-sales-of-Floppy-Disks.html)

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Well, it’s about time. They’re expensive and don’t hold very much. CD-Rs are the way to go. No, wait… cheap holographic media. That’s what we need. Heh heh. :slight_smile:

Actually USB pendrives are the way to go. A lot more convenient than CD-Rs…

“The first 3.5” Floppy Disk was developed by Sony and sold in 1981." Whoa, A Sony format that didn’t bomb!

“Whoa, A Sony format that didn’t bomb!” Yeah, not at all like the CD, DVD+R, Professional Industry Beta and HDCam formats. Mini Disc can be argued either way depending on where you live and what industry you work in. BluRay is still being decided. The only format they really created that failed in any major way was UMD. But most people aren’t aware that Betacam is still used (newer revisions of course) in the TV & Movie production industry.

Beta and Minidisk FAILED in the consumer market. Sony had help with the CD and DVD formats. I remember a format war with DVD+/-R untl universal drives came out and no one cares anymore. Memorystick is not the universal standard, not like floppy was anyway. I’m sure professionals use all kinds of formats consumers don’t use.

Well the sony floppy format failed on me about a hundred times.

So what do I do when my Seagate software asks for blank floppy disks to format so it can run the HDD diagnostic tools to repair my HDD? or what do I do when my PC asks for a floppy with the driver for my PCI IDE Controller card? and what happens when my PC asks for the floppy disk that contains the driver for my raid device? :+ I need something to replace my floppy, oh and Sony’s floppy format failed on me numerous times.

The $20 7-in-1 card reader/floppy combo is still a good deal. At least until they build in low level support for loading raid drivers from usb drives.

try flashing an older ASUS motherboard bios without a floppy… ya can’t… I can see it now, boxes of floppy disks on Ebay for $50 a box. :S