PC won't start


I wonder if anyone can help me please?

I am fairly clued up on PCs or so I thought but keep getting problems with vista.

I was having problems when my dvd roms disappeared a few days ago.
I got these back eventually but now I can’t even log into windows.

When I reboot the PC everything does the normal start but after the windows logo the screen is just black. I can here the PC doing stuff in the background but nothing is showing up. It’s not the monitor I don’t think as I can get into the BIOS ok and the logo is showing up fine as well but all I see is a black screen and it won’t go any further.

I have tried to get in to safe mode or even the C:\prompt but it keeps saying there are errors now when I try this so I don’t know what to do.

I put in the original vista ultimate disk but I can’t even get a boot screen from this as I thought I would and this disk should have tools from the boot should it not?

Any help would be great.


I had this problem on a clients pc recently, monitor would display startup and dos when loading windows. Sound would announce windows loaded but the monitor would go to standby with a no signal message without displaying the desktop. :sad:
This turned out to be a dodgy lead for the dvi input. The monitor was connected with both analogue and digital inputs. The analogue displayed the start up and then when windows loaded switched to digital, no display there after. A new lead fitted securely cured the problem. Perhaps the same is happening to you?
If so start by disconnecting the digital input to the monitor and rebooting.

Just to make sure, you haven’t done any recent over-clocking of the CPU or video card? This is a newer computer, right? Because I was thinking the hard drive or partition that Vista is on is bad, corrupted, etc.

Take a look maybe an Sata power cable fell out of the hdd. That happened to me a bunch of time, for some reason those red cables just do not stay tight.

thanks for your replies.

i tried all the above but had no luck, someone told me to change the bios to boot from disk first and not hd which i did and then reloaded vista that way and it seems to work fine now. bit of a pain reloading all my stuff etc but it’s working!!

thanks again for all your help…