Pc wont read some dvds

this has probably been asked b4 but i have tried everything, i have a newish lite-on dvd drive, which plays most movies, however, there are a couple which do not, i can hear the drive attempt to read the disk but it cant evn do that, it just keeps trying. the disks r good, they work on a friends computer, but no matter wat i try it wont work on mine. im not very able with pc’s but if anyone has any ideas id love to hear from u


Are the DVDs that don’t play in your Lite-On drive commercial or backups?

I think this problem could be down to a number of issues ranging from firmware and drive speed to the quality of the media and whether it has any physical marks or scratches on it.

I don’t think it’s a lens problem because as you said, it’s a newish drive. The lens can’t have died that quickly.

And it doesn’t look like a software problem either because you’ve already said that other DVDs work in the drive in question.

the dvds work in a friends comp and a stand alone player, so im not sure if itsthe disks, and they are commercial movies, originals,so im not sure what the problem is. i have tried nearly everything and would grateful for any suggestions

Maybe you should try using Nero DriveSpeed (with the problem disc in the drive of course) and try slowing down the spinning speed.

Other than that, I can only recommend upgrading firmware as the next step.