PC wont read PSX games?

hey, im trying to back up my PSX game disks on my laptop … its got a dvd±rw combo drive and i’ve never had an issue with it (its about a year old the laptop, so its fairly newish) … but some games it will read and make iso’s perfectly … BUT

most games it wont even DETECT … it sits there trying to read it for ages, and refuses in any way to detect any sort of CD … :confused: … i THINK it is because these disk’s have sony’s copy protection methods on them, like how they force several checksums in the subsectors of the CD to be zero? … and they’re not meant to be zero, and thats why my lappy hates it soo much …

i’ve got two BRAND NEW DVD±RW drives here … im going to try them now, its just a pain to have to install them … aah wells … please post your replies and why you think this is happening :slight_smile:

Sony’s protection has nothing to do with your problem. There are quite a few PSX protections, Libcrypt is one of them, but to be honest it is quite rare. Anyway, the disk recognisation problem is rather a drive/media related problem, so give a try to your other burner and see what happens. Of course reading the disk from start to end is another issue, but as you describe the problem it is most likely the reader itself. Anyway as the psx has its own copy protection that does not rely on bad sectors or on unreadable/uncorrectable sectors but the special boot area, so the disk recognisation/copying should not be any problem. To boot the backup of course you have to have a modchip, as the protection itself cannot be read/copied.

regards, Stephen