Pc will not read file names after Nero burned , but standalone dvd player will

2 Problems with 4.7gig Laser write once dvds, but no probs with 700meg TDK re-writables.

Please can someone tell me if this is only happening to me ,or other
people burning data to dvds using Nero ?

Here are the 2 problems I am facing.

  1. Computer does not display files after burning (unless its VOB extension),but does on my external dvd player, and on
    (700meg re-writable TDK and only on these displays filenames on the computer.)

  2. Basic windows writing program (that come with xp) will not write to 4.7gig Laser DVDs, but Nero burning does.

Basic windows writing program will burn/write to 700meg TDK re-writables.


This is normal, as Windows’ internal CD writing tool supports only CD media.