Pc will not boot up

hi, is there anyone out there who can help me!
everytime i go to switch my pc on, it keeps crashing and tries to re-boot. a 2 second blue screen comes on but it doesn’t give me time too see what it says. the screen when it boots back up it goes onto the screen that asks if you either want to startup up with the last known configuration or start windows normally, at this point it will not allow me too do anything at all. after a time it eventually boots up and seems too work fine for a while and then for no reason it just switches itself off, without any warning. any help from anybody would be really appreciated as it is starting to get really annoying. thanks in advance.

Make a picture of the BSOD and then search for a solution at microsoft.com

It could be a couple of things causing this anything from a bad (corrupt) driver to a bad
power supply can cause you all kinds of headaches and grief. I’m leaning more toward the
bad power supply theory myself as you say it runs fine for a while and then out of the blue
it just shuts down for no reason. Sounds like maybe the voltage is dropping down to low when
it shuts down and on start up is when the power supply uses the most power and voltage as it
is spinning the hdd(s) up and video card(s) powers up etc.,etc. :iagree:

When you next boot up go straight to BIOS. Look at the page that shows the voltages on the board. If the voltages are more than 5% out it is most likely a power supply problem. If this is not the problem!
Set the BIOS settings to factory default. Continue the boot. If you are still having problems it is most likely a screwed registry or corrupt file.
You could try the repair consul on the xp disc, this may sort it out.
A complete format and reinstall may be the only answer.:doh:
If you have too many valuable files on the c drive and can’t recover them before the install it is possible to delete the windows folder in DOS and then reinstall the OS. many programs will not work but it is just a matter of reinstalling them.
I used this once for a clients machine that was screwed and it worked. It saved all his important files. Then I got him to use Acronis to back up on a schedule and he hasn’t looked back since.:smiley: