Pc wierdness



I am not entirely sure where to post this so I thought it best to start here. I just restarted my PC, and a lot of things are like new. My bookmarks in firefox are gone, my firewall is asking fo permission on things that already had permission, I checked the list and most of the progs I had given permission to are gone. I have scanned and no viruses dtected. Does anyone have any idea what could have happened?


your motherboard is an ECS or you have a SiS chipset ?


Sounds like you’ve have a corrupted profile.


It’s happened to me before, just restart your PC again and it might be ok - mine was.


I don’t know what chip set I have the mb is an Asus A7V8X-MX.

How would a corrupted profile in MS affect things not related to MS?


Get and run Spybot search and destroy and AdAware. You may have spyware on your system.


I would tend to agree with Diizzy, sounds just like a error in the user profile. Make sure you logged in using the correct username. If you don’t use the old user name style login the going in as the local administrator and running the user repair in the control panel(assuming you are running XP).