PC useage of other apps when burning!



When Burning a DVD Movie how many of u Switch off their Internet, Nortons or any Anti Viri progys, n other progys in background before Burning…
If U do that, Do U find that You get a Great Burn with a Great Read on Neros CD-DVD Read or DVD info read…Or do U get errors…

Just Trying to find out if Majority Turn All Running Progys Off + internet before Burning…Or if Most are Like Me n Leave em Running, after all, PC is built for Multitasking in it…This way we might find out if it’s the NEC’s that are Different or if it’s the way we use em…
Hope That lot makes Sence to Ya!!!lol…


The only software I shut off is the AV prog. Other than that I surf the web, and do other things whilst I burn DVD’s (ND-2510a–for sheezy). Then again I do have 1GB of ram, so I have some head room to work with. If you don’t have much memory, i’m sure you’ll want to kill any unneeded tasks.


Jeeez, I have everything running while burning. I also rip and compress movies while burning, burn multiple discs at the same time, you name it.
As long as you provide a steady data stream, the drive doen’t care what you’re doing.


I’d think it’s not a problem – burns are only slighly over 5 mb/s at 4x, and your hard drive is more than capable of handling that. I pretty much use my computer as I normally would too.

Now, I was curious as to why a fragmented hard drive might produce problems?


it is easy to forget that not everybody is running windows 2000 or xp so mrscary if you are running 95/98 or especially ME you will see memory leak issues that can cause problems with burning. these memory leaks will be larger the longer the computer has been on and the more programs opened in the current session. to minimize this you may want to set up an alternate startup that will startup with a very bare config and then test the resulting dvds to see if they trend towards less errors than discs created when everything is running.

with the multitasking environment provided by win2k i never shut anythng down and the computer runs for weeks and sometimes months without being restarted. the burns look very good to me but then i used to have a liteon and the results with that were :Z all the time :a

@ dekal – fragmentation on the hard drive causes much HD activity and much lower throughput of data. the more times you engauge the buffer-underrun software the more chances you have for a less perfect result. the drive tries to pickup very close to where it left off but that gap can cause some readers (data or dvd-video) to misread and fail.