PC Upgrading-Need advice

Hey all this is my first post :cool: :cool:
Got here from Google and i signed-up right away :stuck_out_tongue:
Ok let’s move to my issue now :slight_smile:
It goes like this.I have 2 pc’s @ home.and we are upgrading both of them + buying a new pc.
I need advice and comments about what im going to do with the 2 computers.
its a Pentium3 800MHZ with a sucky mobo and an o.b gfx card.this has been troubling me too much.i am going to switch the mobo to this one:
Since this pc will be used by my little sisters only for playing The Sims the old cpu and average mobo wont trouble them :stuck_out_tongue:
The other thing is…The case this pc has, is a midi-tower atx one.which has only 3 bays of cd expanding…and i dont know if the new mobo will fit in that case or should i buy a new one that is bigger than the current?
that’s it for the first computer.
that’s a Pentium4 1.6GHZ one.I am going to let the cpu stay because we dont want to spend much money, because we are also buying a new pc along with upgrading.
So aside from the CPU there is an ASUS mobo which i must replace if i want to play DOOM3 on the pc, cuz the agp is only X4.And the new GFX card will be weak with it so this is the mobo i am going to buy:
I guess you have noticed that i like gigabyte mobo’s :stuck_out_tongue:
well not at all, its just that they kinda answer my demandings in a right price.
So im going to buy a new case for this pc because this onle is also a midi-tower one…It is deffinately too small for a mobo of that kind.
The video card im going to buy will be…I assume an ATI Radeon 9600PRO/XT(128/256MB)…So any comments on this pc too?
I want it to last for a few years and to be able to play games and ENJOY it :cool: :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:
So this is it…If you got the answers\advice\comments that i am looking for i would be very happy!
Maybe im missing some details? maybe i need to check some other parts? maybe im choosing too expensive ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) parts…Tell me anything.
Thank you for letting me trouble you :wink:
Good day :smiley:


gigabyte rules…love them too : )

not sure if your the 9600pro card will last some years. It is even slower then the older 9500pro.
You might save some more money for a bit faster card…

the midi-tower atx … will fit all atx mobo’s …so need need to buy a bigger case. Don’t get confused by the word MIDI

Good cases…and not to expensive, are Casetek cases… lots of nice features

Do you upgrade memory also??
i got a nice boost when i jumped from 512mb to 1 gig…

hmm…perhaps i read wrong…but where is the thirt pc you gonna buy.
Above …i think…i am talking about the 2 you gonna upgrade…lol


Hey Damian thnx for replying :cool: :cool:
The third pc we are going to buy as a system and not buy buying different parts, so i dont have troubles fitting the parts together :]
btw about the atx comment:
from what i heard a “today” mobo cant fit into this case (i have a case similar to that) http://home.swipnet.se/pdv/produkter/lador/mer_info/midi_fram_stor.jpg
my case’s h/w/d : Height 40CM, Width 21CM, Depth 43CM.
Are you sure ittll fit?
:bow: :bow: :bow:

if the case is ATX then ATX mobo’s will fit
it is standard, producers of mobo’s and cases use to make stuff fit

thnx for reply damian i shall use that info wisely :smiley: