PC upgrade question

OK, this one is for the techies.

I was hoping to get some unbiased opions and experiences while looking to upgrade my PC:

I currently have a Asus P4PE motherboard with a 1.8ghz 400mhz P4(Northwood). I overclocked the P4 to 2.4ghz by increasing the FSB clock and coupled it with some DDR333 memory. My system has been like this for 2 years and has been rock solid.

Having looked at whats available and checking my mobo specs, i am thinking of getting a 3.06ghz P4, 533mhz with HT. These are a rare but are still available. Would this be a worthwhile upgrade? How mich difference does HT make?

Or would i be better spending a bit more and bying a new generation processor and mobo. I have never skimped on the motherboard, so a “cheap” new mobo is not an option.

I can put a 800fbs chip in the P4PE as long as it is a northwood version, but my ram would then be useless and due to the bios hack to use the chip, i could only use 1 memory slot. I dont fancy this option.

I just want to squeeze as much out of this PC as i can until i can afford to build another.

I appreciate this is all a matter of opinion, but would be grateful of your comments.


I would personally stick with what youve got and save up for a next gen system such as a socket 939 64 Bit system or if you insist on intel an 800FSB 3.XX whatever, no point in going at it half hearted as the increase from one 533FSB cpu to another 533FSB cpu probably wont be noticeable enough to justify the cost.

HT is pretty good with the apps that take advantage of it, such as video editing ones, for example TMPGEnc or Premiere Pro. It does speed up…

About your other question, I’d recommend switching over FSB800, even thought FSB1066 is already present (useless…). The 1066Mhg FSB is only use on P4EE, using i925XE chipset, both very expensive at this time.

You could opt for a mid-end i915 chipset, with support for DDR and DDR2 (I use DDR2 and the performance isn’t that much better…) or i925X, the one I have.
i925X is very stable, haven’t got any problem at with it.

I’d choose a 3.2Ghz cpu, or maybe later, since some of the steping’s support EMT64. There was a news publish yesterday that indicated which cpu’s stepings had the 64bit extension!

For the motherboard, I have the ASUS P5AD2 Premium and I’m really pleased with it. ABIT, Gigabyte and MSI are not bad choices either - just check the features you need/like.


Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:


Reading around the web, there are plenty of comments about heat problems with the P4 prescotts. Any problems with yours or is it just the socket 478 version that has the problem. I like my machines to run quiet so i have the massive zalman cooler on at the mo with fan running at 2000 rpm :iagree:

I do NOT want a 5000 rpm fan to cool my chip :eek:

I also like the look of that board. Always been a big fan of ASUS.