PC TV and NTL digital cable



Hi clever forum folk. I’m Oliver and definitely a Newbie!
My problem is getting TV channels set up on my HP computer running XP Media centre software. Using antenna option (as I am far away from the set top box) I can only lock onto one or two channels. I’ve gone over to another HP running XP Home edition and InterVideoHome Theater software and much the same results. Is it me ??
Any helpful advice appreciated.


You need an appropriate tv card in your computer…


Thanks Chef.
I have tried 2 brand new top of the range Hewlett Packard media centres, one running Windows XP media centre and then XP home edition. I imagined the TV tuner cards were up to the job. Do you think not? :confused:


Oliverd…just remember the old antenna installer’s rule-of-thumb. The longer the coax cable run to the receiver, the greater the number of coax joins and splits, the greater the signal resistance and signal drop-out.


Have you actually hooked up an external intenna? You aren’t gonna get much reception off the little tuner nub.


I’m in the same position. Tuner cards seem to be very picky and need a very clean, strong signal to get reception, much less a good picture (much stronger that your average tv).
I have these cards and it has been the same with all.

One thing that seemed to help a little was to let a vcr tune the channel and let it send the signal to the card via composite. In all honesty, a good outdoor antena is your best bet. IF that is not an option (its not for me as I am in an apartment), plan on doing a lot of homework to find a good indoor antena (I’m guessing you are not in a strong signal area as you are only getting two channels). The problem with indoor antenas is that there is no perfect antenna. One that works good in one area will work crappy in another area (been doing some research on it). Most of the cheaper amplified antenas like you would find at walmart are total crap. I have a couple of them and none of them work well (and reviews say the same). There are actually sites dedicated to tv reception and such if you search. I have an old terk amplified antenna that actually works very well, though wouldn’t you know it, the channel that I most want to be able to record, comes in but with a crappy picture.

If you have cable, it might very well be worth running some coax cable to get a signal off it, even if you are going from one room to another. Otherwise, its an outdoor antenna or go hunting for a good indoor antenna. Believe it or not, radio shack is a good place to look. My last atempt at this will be with a pinacle studio av/dv capture card (no tuner, I’ll let a vcr do the tuning as it seems to work beter and I have spare vcr’s)
this radio shack antenna (it has some very good reviews but again, what works in one area wont in another)
It was recentlly discontinued but I found a store that had one (50$).
If that doesn’t work, it’s cable or I give up…


Thanks all… I’ll try some of your ideas.


Hi this looks like a helpful site I was wondering if anyone can help.I bought a Peak DVB-T Digital tv pci card and i have installed it. In the control panel it says the device is working.But for some reason it wont find any channels.Im using Windows Vista and I tried various programs power cinema total media blaze and so on none found any channels.Im using ariel coming out of the back of my virgin digital tv box which says to tv and plugs directly into my dvb card.I know the ariel is working fine i plugged it in the tv and can get what im seeing on the main tv which is set up via scart socket.


I don’t understand why put a Ariel connection on the back of my dvb digital TV pci card if Im sending the signal from my digital tv box why can it not find the channel.Do I need anything else to get it to work.Im sure this should work because the box is digital and the card is.Im not trying to find loads of channels because if I get that 1 tuned in I have all the channels anyway when i turn it over with the digital TV remote.Also I have no Ariel on the roof because like i say my TV is Virgin and cable like my internet broadband.Ive ran several Ariels off that so i can watch cable in every room so there is no need for a analogue or digital Ariel on the roof.Also the toy digital antenna i got with it is about as useful as a chocolate fire guard and also finds no channels.


Help Help Help

My only other option is try and connect via the sv connection on my graphics card which is a Radion.But then the problem is at the other end as I have no sv to plug into either on the TV or the digital tv box the only thing that has is my dvd player.Is there anything out there with a sv on one end and scart on the other then i could plug the scart into the Digital TV box and the sv into the graphics card.Either way bought this about 3 months ago now and haven’t seen one bit of telly on my pc.I would like to get it sorted so I can stream stuff off my Digital tv box.


I am thankful to all of you to provide me such important information about PC TV and NTL Digital cable.:bow:


Some HP PCs seem to have a lock that disables Channels B1 through 2A on certain bands. I ran into this problem a few days ago myself.