PC Tune-Up

Instead of taking mine into a shop, would like to do the maintenance myself. Performance, internet, start-up, etc are slow. Hard disk is getting overcrowded plus my internal D drive no longer operates (even though the system says it’s functional). Audio often quits until I run Microsoft Fix It. Regularly do Disk Cleanup & Defrag. Loose wireless connection until restarting or system restore.
Have a Compaq Presario R3000; Windows XP Professional; Version 2002; SP3; McAfee; Outlook Express.
All help sure is appreciated… :slight_smile:

Well, that is certainly something you can do and we can help with.

First off, do you have XP fully updated? And are you running frequent antivirus scans? You may want to run a scan with a rootkit detector to see if you have any unwanted programs running and slowing things down.
Sophos offers a free rootkit detector here: http://www.sophos.com/en-us/products/free-tools/sophos-anti-rootkit.aspx

Another thing to look at is the list of programs that are starting automatically when you boot up the system. You can find that out by using a command called msconfig. Here is a guide for using it: http://netsquirrel.com/msconfig/msconfig_xp.html
Some of the items in the startup need to be there. If it says Microsoft in the description, leave it alone. :slight_smile: And there are some other programs you might want to leave running, like the video control panel or audio controls. But a lot of programs insert themselves in the boot up list and slow things down unnecessarily. This is a good way to find them and keep them from starting automatically. They’ll still be there if you manually start up the programs, so you aren’t killing anything by adjusting the startup list shown in msconfig.

Just looked for an audio driver update at the Compaq site, but the last one listed is from 2004. May not help. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?os=228&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&sw_lang=&product=442915
There are also drivers listed for wireless, but don’t know which apply for you.

Make sure you windows is up to date with all new updates and check defrag if you are running windows xp

do msconfig and uncheck programs that do not need to start when the computer is started. I only
only have my antivirus running.

If you know how to work in the registry then check these to places and make sure you do not
also have things starting that are not needed… If you do not know how to make changes in
the registry then you should not try these



download the free malwarebytes from


Run this for a full scan every month at least

Run your antivirus.

download ccleaner and run it every week.


ccleaner has both a scanner that removes left over temp files and such and also a registry cleaner.
I run both and never had had a problem with running either.

I also have registry first aid that I run every 3 months but it is not free

People bring their computers to me to check and I have found that just doing
these will fix most of their problems. Most of the time when they bring me there computer
it is because it it running slow and this will fix it. Another thing I tell them is add
more memory xp needs at least 1 gbit to really speed it up but no more that 2gbit, and windows 7
4gbits. Most new
laptops with windows 7 have either 3gbit or 4gbits of memory. I would never buy one that
did not have 4gbits of memory for windows 7

It looks like you have an old Laptop, and I would say the two main items are Memory and HDD. Your Laptop maxes out at 2Gb, so I would say start there max your Memory out. Now your HDD is older than 3 years and probably not Western Digital or Seagate, so think about getting a new HDD too, and then reload the OS. Do these two things and your computer will run better than new. :cool: