PC to phone + voice changing?



First off, is there any software that will allow you to call a landline using the mis/speakers of your PC with a standard modem? No, I am NOT talking of VOIP services. I mean, actually plugging a phone cord into my comp and making a call.

If there is, is it possible to set it up so that I can change the sound of the audio (as in, change my voice) while making the call? I want to be able to call my friends, but use my PC with a voice changing software. Any suggestions?


Why not just use a telephone voice changer?

If you really want software just google telephone voice changer software.


You could also use one of the toy voice changers that have been doing the rounds for some time.
Last time I was in toysrus they were selling them very cheap.
The software that came with my modem lets me use the speakers and microphone on the pc to do this, but without modifying the voice.


I actually do have one of those little toy voice changers. 2 problems with them: One, the quality of the output is poor, and then being transmited over the phone makes it almost unintelligable. The 2nd problem with it is that when I talk loud enough for it’s mic to work properly, the phone can also pick up my voice.

So, i figured if I could use the modem in my laptop, not only would an audio app sound better, but it would also hide my real voice. It’s hard to prank your friend when they can still hear you over the changer. :slight_smile: