PC Stupid its all greek to me (Need Driver cant afford to pay for Driver DL Software)

Hi please excuse my lack of PC savvy here, but I had to reinstall windows, and now my LG super multi Securedisc DvD rom wont read anything but game and installation discs, i cant even get it to access Cs i had previously copied pictures to, nor will it find a cd when i want to put more pictures on a disc to save…

The giant wall of text on the "Please read first post is completely greek to me, I understand there are a lot of people out there that are really smart about computers, and i readily admit that I am not. I just want to be able to access & savemy kids pictures again :frowning:

I know i need to download the driver for it, but I dont know where to get it, and all the links provided are for software programs that want me to pay to use them, is there anyone who can help me?

Edit- I downloaded and “flashed” a firmware update and it had me restart, but I am still unable to get it to read the cds… I
put the CD in it accesses, and accesses, and accesses… opening my computer and clicking on DVD RW Drive D it thinks for a while, then pops out the tray that HAS the cd in it saying “Please insert a disc into drive D”

I think that this is the one I have, at least it looks like it from the picture =/

Please excuse the third post, i am unable to edit my origianl any more, I also wanted to put in that I went into device manager, had it update the driver, it said the driver was up to date.

I am really at a loss as to why I am unable to use my cd/dvd rom aside from installing/playing games… I just want to get to my pictures! It wont even access a brand new blank CD. I am using vista if that makes a difference.

Try this, use the fix it for your operating system. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060/EN-US/

[QUOTE=~Jethro~;2453550]Try this, use the fix it for your operating system. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060/EN-US/[/QUOTE]

thank you for the response! I tried it, but I am still having the issue, it said it fixed one of the problems but another still exists, when i tried it still wouldnt read the cds o.O

Browsing solutions didnt not come up with any solutions, then it told me i could try and Get help now: request help from a microsoft support professional (for only $50-60)

I guess i am just going to be unable to use my CD rom then, thank you for the response though!

Hi SimiParthenopaeus,
first lets be sure that the drive can read cd’s, the easiest way to do this is to put a live cd (ubuntu will do the trick and it’s free), or even windows (98/2000/xp),
if the drive drive fails to boot then the cd part is dead, if the drive start the installation, then you have a problem with your software,
second you can see what is your drive by going at control panel>system>hardware>device manager.

Damn I’m going to the eye doctor over half of that looks Greek to me.

The picture cds you made before installing the new operating system were probably multisesion and were never finalized. Cds are cheap do one and start another new one,later you can join all of them with Nero.