PC startup problems

I was downloading some software from the internet and the computer crashed and switched itself off, now when i try to turn it on the monitor will not come on just sits in standby mode. it displays the no signal message, i have pluged the monitor into another computer and it works fine. I thought it may be the motherboard so changed that but the same thing happens with the newone. couold it be the processor that is blown??? its driving me mad as i can not think what else it may be. any help would be gratefully appriciated TIM :iagree:

Does the computer start up when you power it on (do you hear any fans, the hard drive spinning up, lights flash on the front, etc…)?

Was the download a driver/update or such type thing? This “crash” wasn’t due to a power outage/brownout/surge, was it? My guess it it’s your video card. That happend to me was when I was swapping my RAM. I had to remove my AGP video card to access the DIMM slots (where the memory is), and did not push it back in all the way. Though it is possible it could be something else.

Good Luck

power comes on processor fans spins up hard drive makes a noise but no beeps like normal from motherboard, lights on motherboard light up. I was downloading a mp3 file when it went of, i have a surge protector powerboard fitted. removed graphics card and tried the monitor on onboard slot but still nothing???

A shot in the dark, but you could try unplugging the pc, and resetting the “Clear CMOS” jumper (Check your motherboard manual for details). Alternately you could remove the battery for a minute (if you know how). This would reset the BIOS to default settings, and can sometimes solve boot problems.

edit: could also be a RAM module gone bad. You might want to try using only one (if you have multiple) to see if you can at least get a POST.

On a side note: I would recommend (to anyone) getting an UPS battery backup if you can afford one. The added protection is well worth the cost. (Thats why I have both a APC Back-UPS Pro 1000 & 650 connected to this system… heh I have alot external devices.)

Good Luck!

UPS is a good idea. Even the AC or Heater blower kicking in can cause a brown out and not good for processor or anything in a pc. If you see the lights dim in the house…not good.