Pc speed

Hi guys
for those of you who dont have a mega bucks speed machine try this - it works a treat to speed your pc up.
I’m running o/s xp 20gig HD pIII.
Just changed from FAT32 TO NTFS and the results in start up speed and overall operation is quiet amazing …
For those of you who are not sure what your hardrive is running check in the system properties or even easier open up the defrag interface and it will tell you…

  1. type in cmd.exe from the start- run ok
  2. you will get the dos window - type in - convert c:/fs:ntfs- then enter.
  3. you will then get some dialogue blah blah volume type etc but type in - n- for no ok
  4. then more dialogue blah blah something start at start up - type in - y - for yes.
    thats it. done restart and away it goes takes a few mins then when finished do a defrag.

Note: it does not affect your programs they will all still be there ok
and its absolutely made a huge difference in speed all round


Just a note: This only works in Windows XP home edition (any other version of XP defaults to FAT32).

Just to let you know it works with xp pro too - thats what i’m running :smiley:

It did? That’s very odd…

Did you choose to make it FAT32 in Pro, because it defaults to NTFS.

Yes when i installed it i had the option of fat 32 sorry, when i reformatted or should i say an unforced spring clean:rolleyes:
i had the option to format to fat 32 so i did, everything has been fine - but it did seem slow.
Anyway after talking to one of my computer boffins at work he told me what to do (as above) hes on xp pro too - and my god has it made a difference going to ntfs.

This will work on any M$ OS that supports NTFS: NT, W2K, XP (either ver.)

Yes, but every version of NT already comes with NTFS forced, except for XP (Windows NT 5.1).

Yes, NTFS by default, that is true. His method will work, however, if you’ve conciously changed to fat and then want to go back.

Snout>>> Why didn’t you just format the drive into NTFS in the forst place. Much better then converting it to NTFS for FAT.

yep i should have done it first but did not really understand the two versions at that time:confused:
Do now though :cool:
it may help others just in case they do not know, thats the main focus of the question and why i posted it .

:smiley: :wink:

Yes you can go from fat32 to ntfs, but not backwards. Earlier version of NT(4.0 & below defaulted to fat 16, but you are asked if you want the ntfs flavor or not.