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Guys I have asked this before in a round about way, but did not really get any specific answers. So, I thought I would try again. When you are encoding (NOT BACKING UP DVD’s) are you having problems continuing to use the PC.

My PC and I’ll show specs at bottom here, will not allow me to do anything else, it is maxed out at 100% on CPU all the way through the encoding process.

So my question is this, are my specs below lousy, or the PC is not configured right, would buying one of the new Intel Core 2 processors (maybe even quad core) allow me to multi task and do other things like surf the net, check emails, do some program work while the encoding goes on its merry way in the background.

Present Machine Spec is: (About 2years old now I guess).
AMD Athlon 64 3400+ (2.41GhZ) with 1 GB RAM. (Increasing RAM may help)
256 Graphics Card if that comes into it (Geoforce 6800GT)
ASUSTek K8N-E Deluxe Motherboard
2 x 75GB Western Digital Raptors 10,000RPM HDD’s configured in RAID 0 mode
Pioneer DVD-RW DVR 108 Burner

That is all that probably matters for what I’m trying to find out.

I would be interested to know what people are using and if they have any problems doing anything else while encoding. I suspect most people just backup there DVD’s which does not seem to be a problem for me. Even though it is suggested not to do anything else while burning, I have not had issues doing this as yet.

Just thinking about it…in the end I could just buy a new machine and leave this one strictly for encoding and it can take as long as it likes. I was wanting to hold off until Vista gets it act together, was even thinking about a new MAC and becoming one of those switchers.

Thanks in advance


Do you mean encoding MP4s/AVIs from DVDs using DVDFab? If so, yes, I have the same issues, including a period of sluggishness after the process that can last for a while (but clears immediately with a restart). Others have reported this as well, but it is not universal, or at least not universally as bad for all users. I have read every thread I could find that mentioned this for several months. I never run anyting in the background or foreground when using DVDFab for either task. The CPU load on both threads is MUCH higher when making MPEG-4 than re-encoding MPEG-2 (DVDs). I have an Intel CPU (P4 HT 3.1GHz) plenty? (1G) of fast dual channel RAM, weenie hard drive internal, 7200RPM WD USB external, single 80 Gig Raptor external. Given no better evidence for any other cause I have attributed this to use of virtual memory (which is on the 5400 RPM weenie internal drive) which would keep the IDE controller and the PCI bus very busy. I have just learned to live with it, and like you am looking at building a dedicated video-optimized machine (but not a MAC). The RAID 0 configuration of your drives may make this worse if they hold the virtual memory. Just a guess.



Are you wanting to wanting to put the specifications under your posts. For give if i misunderstand as I have a bad kidney infection and it is hard for me to comprehend anything that I read. If so go to top headline and choose [B]User CP[/B], then edit signature and put that info in. You have to check add signature to my post which is at bottom of next post you make and from then on until you uncheck this box it will display your signature or you can edit at anytime.

AMD Athlon 64 3400+ (2.41GhZ) with 1 GB RAM. (Increasing RAM may help)
256 Graphics Card if that comes into it (Geoforce 6800GT)
ASUSTek K8N-E Deluxe Motherboard
2 x 75GB Western Digital Raptors 10,000RPM HDD’s configured in RAID 0 mode
Pioneer DVD-RW DVR 108 Burner
, not sure



No, I was [B]NOT[/B] wanting to put my specs in my signature, I was just highlighting what type of PC I’m using to do my encodes with. I was hoping people would share there experiences with this process. Then if they had no trouble encoding and could still have there machine functional to go about doing tasks at the same time, then that might shed some light (for me anyway) on what is the best way to go with regard specs to optimise a machine I’m planning on getting.

As for putting items into a signature at least now I know how should I want to do it. Thanks.

[B]@Signals,[/B] thanks again for the imput. Any particular reason you are so “Definitely not MAC”



What I said was “…but not a MAC”.:slight_smile: I am not one of the rabid Apple haters (my 1st PC was an Apple][), I just think they make bad engineering decisions, e.g. the unchangeable battery in the iPods, the unusual proprietary external video scheme for the unit that you mentioned in another thread (with photos, nice job!) so that you wind up sending NTSC video through an audio cable :frowning: if you don’t buy theirs. As far as PCs go, the MACs are OK and even excel in some areas, but I couldn’t afford one that will do what my Win/Intel based one will, and there’s a lot more 3rd party hardware and software for this (open) platform. OT for this thread, but I made 4 MP4 rips today with, two from HDD files with no sync problems.:confused: These were made for my cellphone with very low video bitrate (~165 kbps) and screen size (176x94), so probably not a good test. I’ll try a more standard configuration when I get a chance.


Hi Cage,

My experience is pretty close to signals re: MPEG-4…there is a noticable slowing of other apps/processes, but not horrible. Like signals, I generally don’t do much else during this time. I usually use another pc if I need to do something. Different with MPEG-2, I don’t see any difference at all, but again, I don’t do much else when burning a dvd.

My system…custom about 2- 2 1/2 yrs old, xp pro, P4-HT 3.0 GhZ, 2 GB DDR Corsair RAM, 3 SATA hdds (all 7200RPM), 320 GB seagate (system) and 2 Samsung 160’s. I dedicate one of the sammy’s exclusively for rips. I’ve never noticed a big change when ripping to the system hdd. I’ll take a closer look.


Encoding video is one of , if not THE MOST heavy duty tasks you can put your CPU through. Encoding video files is a common task used to benchmark CPUs.
No matter what CPU you have windows will use it 100%, so the faster the CPU the faster it will get the job done, but regardless of what the processor speed, you are going to have other applications/windows slowing down.



Your system is adequate for ripping and burning - but multitasking whilst ripping probably would probably not be the best way to achieve a good quality burn-

I do not do anything whilst my burning machine is doing its job (see below) - that is what the work machine is for-eh!


Thanks again to all. Think I will get a new machine and just use the current beast for backing up and encoding.

Now…to look at new specs when I get back…