PC slower than norm?



Hi my PC is slower than normal.

For instance when I right click “show the desktop” the Icons take a little while to redraw themselves. I’ve got 768MB of memory so surely that should be enough, I’ve got an Athlon XP 2200 - so although not at the cutting edge, it’s always been speedy enough for me, until lately.

I’ve have done a bit of video editing, but I defrag my hard disk on a regular basis.

I was wondering sometimes the clock at the bottom forget’s what day it is, and reverts back to 2000??? and I get new programs showing on my start menu, although I have had them their for years. Could it be my battery on my motherboard? does it need replacing after 5 years and are they easy to replace??



I would say that your battery definately needs replaced, and it is easy to do. Just look inside and get the numbers off the battery, then call around and find one. Then just power off your pc, unplug it, and change the battery out. Not sure it that will help your slowness problem, but it will fix the date problem.


The CMOS battery should last 7 years. It’s mounted on the motherboard. You can check the battery voltage, or simply replace the battery since this is a cheap item.

Update the virus definition and perform a full scan of your system. Also download Spybot and Ad Aware. Update these programs and run them to look for malware applications.

Also delete all unused video files from your PC. You need to leave about 10% unused space in the hard drive for windows to run well. 14 GB would be ideal when backing up DVD movies.


It’s okay I found what it is, my processor keeps underclocking to 1600MHz instead of 2200MHz because my system bus speed keeps reverting back to 100MHz even though I change it to 133MHz. Maybe that’s because the battery on the MB is going flat?? Thanks for your replies, anyway. :slight_smile:


yep, the bios is simply reverting back to factory settings, just get a new battery and btw dont go to a pc world type shop just go to a local hardware shop take the old battery and show them and it’ll probably cost you about a tenth of what a pc shop would charge you :slight_smile:


Okay thanks Mr. B for your reply.

Just another thing to save me creating a new thread. I am about to upgrade my Graphics Card to a Radeon 9800 Pro replacing the old GeForce 2 MX100/200 VGA card I have in presently. How do I know if my PSU willl have enough power to supply this card?? I have an Athlon XP 2200, with 768MB of DDR Memory, 2 hard drives, and a CD Writer and DVD Writer all taking power from the PSU. Do I have enough power to drive this card??



It depends on what psu you have at the moment. Going by the age of your xp2200 and video card i would say around a 300-350w.
Adding a radeon 9800 to your setup of 2 drives and 2 writers will be pushing it abit with that power psu.
Which means that you would be better off getting a new one. Anything over 450w would be fine. They’re not expensive and easy to change.

Nice choice of video card. Wish i bought one now instead of the FX5900XT seeing as all i play is counter-strike source. Doh!


Ah i knew i had a link here for the psu calculator. It will give you a rough idea of your minumum psu wattage.



I did a little research, and it seemed to get favourable reviews for my price range which was approx. £100. You know I’ve had it a week, and I’ve still not fitted it yet lol :rolleyes: I’ve just not had time, or I’m too lazy…

Cheers for your reply, I’ll probably see how it copes with my PSU, and then get a 450W replacement if it struggles. What happens if you don’t have enough power from your PSU, will it damage the card, or just cause general slowdown PC problems??


Generally your PC just Reboots. I Meant to add: Sometimes if its borderline Wattage you’ll get artifacts on screen and the game will crash with errors. :a