PC shuts down randomly



I have a PC with the following specs :

PII 333
256 RAM
4 HDDs
SB Live
Raid Card
4 casing fans
1 PCI fan

The problem is, my PC will turn off by itself randomly. I don’t think
my PC overheats because there are total 6 fans inside.The hardware and software are running fine. I can play games, surf net, etc.

I have done benchmarks and diagnose the hardware and found no problems. I just couldn’t think of any solution other the the PSU problem.

Do you think there is something wrong with the PSU ? Do I need to get a good branded PSU with higher power rating ? 450W ? How can I check my PSU ?


hmmmmmmm pc shutting down … well that could be alot of things … most of the time i have found it is heating problem but with yours sounds different …does it shut down at any specific time ? playing games ? or just about same time always ? does it just reboot or how does it shut down ???

sorry technician by trade and have to find out alittle more … i know one way i use to solve the age old heating problem …run it with side off pc … if stays on it is getting correct airflow …cause sometimes you have enough air inside but not going out …

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if not there are other logic steps to go in order to figure it out


Are you sure that your system isn’t affected by the Blaster worm?

If not, you might check the following things:

If you find anything interesting (low voltages on the PSU, excessive CPU temperature etc etc) report back!


I will download the memtest and prime95. I have motherboard monitor installed but no readings at all. My mobo doesn’t have temp. sensor.

My PC will turn of anytime, randomly. Sometimes after I have started it for less then 5 minutes. I don’t think it’s a heating problem. I have 2 fans for intake and 3+1 fans for taking out air.

My PC is not infected with the Blaster worm. I have firewall and security patch installed.


well it always helps to run panda antivirus online virus scan just to be sure it is not a virus … usually random boots are memory , motherboard , or procoessor …i did once have it be a hard drive …but that has only happen once in my experience …and then there is the heat problem woohoo …


I have a full system scan using NAV with the latest signature file.
No virus was detected.

Is there anyway to test the PSU? I suspect that’s the problem.
Maybe it’s overloaded.


no there is no way to test power supply …usually just go borrow friends