Pc shuts down for no reason HELP



i have pentium 4, 3.0gig chip,120 gig drive,128mb radeon video,1 gig ram and 400 w power supply.my previous power supply was 500w which stuffed up.my pc turns off completely in the middle of use ever since my power supply went.could it have caused other problems or do i need a 500w power supply again.i also have a dvd rom and dvd burner attached.



400w should be fine for this system.
maybe the new power supply does have a failure?
or maybe, your old power supply damaged a component of your system before itself went defective…


THANKS for advice but i would like something a little more precise.Which parts could be damaged that would cause the turning off issue it has happened 3 times in 1 hour now


It could be memory (you can test with Memtest), CPU overheating (monitoring software available, such as SpeedFan), etc. Does it give any error messages when you reboot?


no no error messages jus turn off and restarts witout a problem put new memory in and have prescott chip that is running at 84degrees celcius


That’s pretty hot then, check to see if your heatsink on the CPU jiggles more than a millimeter or 2 when you try to move it. Make sure that it’s not clogged with dust while your in there, if it is you can get a can of compressed air to try to clean it, or if it’s bad enough you’ll have to remove it and basically comb the dust/dirt out.

You will have to clean the thermal paste off the CPU and Heatsink and reapply more. Recommended is Artic Silver 5 compound.


Sounds like bad memory to me or needs to be reseated.


its tight as and no dirt or dust was jus cleaned


I’d start monitoring the temps carefully and make a note of at what temp it shuts down at. If it’s the same temp everytime, you may be able to adjust the shut-down temp in the BIOS if you are willing to risk burning up your CPU. Are you sure the fan is running properly?


fan is running fine there is cpu fan and 2 other fans :sad:


There is a tempature problem coming from somewhere, there is no way it should be that hot IMO. Do you have it overclocked at all?


no i dont its got me stumped too


Is that 84C at idle or under full load?


well i wouldnt say full load …converting a movie 84 -86c idle at 69c


Did you install the Heatsink/Fan or someone else?


my husband did and it was put on properly


I would try reapplying the thermal paste, just to be sure. It may not have spread evenly and is causing it to overheat.


how thick does the paste need to be


Relatively thin when spread, about as thick as a few sheets on paper. Usually I just put a small (about as wide as a dime) glob and let it spread when I install the heatsink.


will go do it now and get back to u shortly thanx…oh if i dont come back we know the cpu in bits haha