Pc shut down!



I have an AMD 2,6ghz
1 gig ram
2 x 120gb IBM set as master, 200gb maxtor set as slave

400w power supply
MSI motherboard

System was working fine, detached the 200gb hard drive, to take it with me on vacation…now when i try to reattach it system boots up…then powers off on it’s own.

I unattached the dvd-rw when trying to get the system to reconize the hdd, now when i attach the dvd-rw, same thing as the hard drive boots up then powers off, sometimes boots into window’s xp, as soon as i insert a dvd-rw, system shuts down, same as the hdd, sometimes reconizes it but when i access it system shuts down!!!

All the jumpers are in place, everything is set as master or slave the way it supposed to be…
could this be the motherboard or power supply problem???



Most likely you’ve bumped something and loosened it. Exactly how far does the POST and/or boot process go before it shuts off? Can you get into BIOS?


Starts up then accesses the hdd or dvd-rw then shuts down, as though it’s struggling to get the hdd or dvd-rw to start with the pc


Not enough info here. Does the board finish POST? Can you get into BIOS? Are there any warnings during POST? If the board does finish POST, what does it say about IDE devices, (same in BIOS)

Check and re-seat the following: video card, RAM sticks, floppy cable, IDE cables, all power cables including the MB power. Check all molex power connectors to be sure that none of the male or female lugs have pulled loose from the plastic connector.


Can get into bios most times, some times there are 3 consecutive beeps following each other, that’s pretty much it. i have to unplug power cable to get it to attempt to start up again, works fine when it’s just the first 120gb ibm hdd installed…


Haved reseated everything once again, still same problem, also sometimes, after i’v tried to attach the other 200gb hdd or dvd-rw, it doesn’t want to pick up the first 120gb ibm hdd in the post…


3 beeps is an error message, you’ll need the MB manual to know what it means. Did you my chance change the HD jumper settings?