PC running slow

I’ve noticed that my brother’s PC is running incredibly slowly just now. I was installing some stuff for him and I nearly lost the will to live waiting on it loading anything up. I also noticed that there were trailers on a lot of the windows and bars - like the toolbars and any windows that were opening.

It didn’t used to be that bad but I’m wondering if some of the stuff he has on it is causing it to be so slow. Amongst loads of software, he has WinTV on it - could that be causing the problem?

I’m sorry I’m so vague - apart from the fact that I’m not that great with all things technical - I forgot to look to see the spec of his PC, though if I remember correctly, it’s about the same or better than mine and I’ve got a 2.8GHz Intel processor and 512mb RAM and mine runs OK.

Even opening My Documents or Control Panel is taking an age.

Anybody got any ideas what we can do to speed it up a bit.

Format and re-install is by far the best option. But a thorough defrag with a dedicated de-frag tool will help a lot. Also find out what the memory consumption is doing. If something is eating all the RAM, it’ll slow down like that.

Thanks, I’ll try defragging it first - is the Win XP defrag thingy good enough or do I need something else?

If I mention format and re-install, he’ll probably have a stroke!!

Windows XP defrag isn’t good enough, in my opinion. I use diskeeper.

I use Perfect Disk :slight_smile:

I like whats been allready been sugested, but i allways like to see whats running.
look for a small prog called process explorer(i believe its from microsoft).
it gives a much better blow up of whats running & possibily happining.
also i like ultimate defrag for your defrager. good luck :slight_smile:

Well if you can get a more detail specs on his system would go a long way to help those with similiar model to tell you what to look for what might be the slow down. But also a defrag does help to improve reads. If you can give a model and brand would help alot to the users here. Make sure you got a good antivirus and spyware remover-I don’t want to say but could be something on your brother’s computer that shouldn’t be there if there is that much slow down as you describe. Get a good spyware and antivirus to remove such things as rootkits, spyware and malware that might be present on his system and hiding in the windows directory and running when you startup his computer making it slow down. But I hope its not this scenario but if so just get some good antivirus and spyware program to get rid of those nasty programs.

If you want to save this profile…
[B]Backup[/B] and/or set a [B]Restore Point[/B] first.

  1. Scan for malware
    Anti-Virus - http://www.kaspersky.com/virusscanner
    Trojans and Spyware - http://www.superantispyware.com/
    Adware and Spyware - http://free.grisoft.com/doc/20/lng/us/tpl/v5

  2. Do a disk cleanup
    Use Windows on-board cleanup utility or Easy Cleaner:
    Recommend leaving duplicate files alone.

  3. Cleanup the Startup Folder and any unwanted non-Microsoft Services
    If you are not sure leave it alone.
    WinPatrol is outstanding for this and much more :

  4. Defragment the hard drive.

If you don’t want to save the profile, backup valuable data, wipe the drive and reload as was suggested.

You’ll need to shutdown all non-essential software before defragging anyway. So, first check what programs are currently running and their memory and CPU usage, as suggested above.

The other thing to check is that DMA is correctly enabled on his hard drive(s). Have a look at this thread .

Thanks guys. I’ll try and get back to his computer tonight and try all that. I wondered if he had a nasty bug on it and I installed AVG Internet Security and Anti-spyware yesterday and that was when I was ready to end it all it was so so loading up. I’ll run these other suggested programmes cos I know that some spyware/anti-virus will pick up what others miss. He’s terrible for not reading properly what he’s downloading and if anybody’s gonna get a virus, it’ll be him!!

I’ll also check what the spec of it is first as well.

Something that may help when the dust settles and you get him sorted is to install SiteAdvisor.
It’s an applet by McAfee that tags search results.

Notice that it is browser-specific…I use it in Firefox.
It’s not gospel, but I think that it helps.

I haven’t had a chance to sort out my brother’s PC yet but I tried these downloads from jflan on my own - my they’re good!!

Only thing is, on running WinPatrol, I’m not sure what is essential and what is not on the startup menu. Can anyone help out if I list what is on my startup?



I’m sure we can :)…go ahead and list them :slight_smile:

I hope I’ve done this right!! This is the screenshot of WinPatrol startup. There’s also a HUGE list in “services” on WinPatrol, but I take it they’re OK?

Out of that lot, I’d take out several, but others may have different opinions :slight_smile:

This is what I’d remove at first glance:

QuickTime Task
InCD (I’d uninstall that completely unless you specifically use it as it can cause problems)
TkBellExe (personal preference, I just don’t like RealPlayer - it should still run with that removed, though)
MsnMsg (you can still start MSN by clicking the desktop icon)
Adobe Acrobat SpeedLauncher
Microsoft Office Startup

Those are just what I’d remove if the machine were mine. :slight_smile:

Reminds me, I must look at what I’ve got running :eek:

Edit: if you’re going to remove stuff, do it one thing at a time :wink:

Thank you for that. I don’t use Quicktime and Realplayer either - unless a file specifically needs them to run, so that sounds good to me.

The InCD - I’ve had problems with that already (upper and lower filter problems), but if I remove it, what do I do for formatting discs? That might well be a silly question, but with DVD-RWs, they seem to want formatting…

Download ImgBurn - small, free, and will format your discs ;)…it’ll also burn ISO/NRG files if you have them. :slight_smile:

Edit: in fact, ImgBurn often works at formatting where Nero fails. Go figure :wink:

Thank you. Have uninstalled InCD, but left Nero Express or whatever it is!! I hardly ever use it, but it could be handy to keep on PC I guess.

Now I just got to be brave and go and try and sort out my brother’s PC!!!

Hehe yeah, I still have Nero on my machine, just not InCD :slight_smile:

Good luck with your brother’s PC! :eek: