PC restarts when ONLY blank media entered into drive

Every time I enter a blank CD/DVD my computers restarts, unless I hold ‘Shift’ but this only works for when entering CD’s. For a DVD I need to open the tray during boot and let the try close itself. Once the computer has fully booted is when I can write to the media (Note: I cannot leave blank media in drive as PC will reboot).

Here is what I have done/tried to fix the problem as this started a couple of years ago. Also take note it has spread and affected my slave drive (Original Drive came w/ PC Pioneer CD-R/RW burner)

[li]Seems to have started 5-6 months after installing new Memorex drive (back in 2005ish)
[/li][li]Has moved and affected slave drive (Pioneer CD-R/RW burner)
[/li][li]Memorex burner picky of brands of blank DVDs entered and see’s some as CDs NOT DVDs (see’s as 308MB for some DVDs, some are Memorex DVDs too)
[/li][li]Reformatted Hard drive (PC running slow and well over due for one)
[li]Seems to of fixed problem until updated from Win SP1 to SP2
[li]Swapped drives ie. Made Memorex Slave and Pioneer Master and had one drive of EACH installed at a time.

List of ways I can get around it/other information:

[li]Operates in safe mode just fine
[li]Most likely something in services/processes upon boot
[li]Insert blank DVD upon boot and let CD tray close itself and will work 80% of time/take disc w/o reboot
[/li][li]DVD size after UDF 2.01 format is 4.36GB, but won’t let copy a smaller Winrar file such as a 4.19 GB (says inadequate disk space/not enough)

PC Info:
2.66Ghz Pentium 4
120GB HD
Brand VPR Matrix

Drive information:

Memorex Burner Info. Click here

Pioneer came w/ PC:

[li]CD-+R/RW burner
[/li][li]DVD-R/RW minus only

Error after trying to format a DVD Memorex see’s as a CD-R and not a DVD( Memorex see’s as only 308MB and as a CD and NOT a DVD which it is)

Error recieved after inserting a Blank Disc


Perchance as suggested by the displayed BSOD screen have you ensured your BIOS has the newest up to dated BIOS update installed and configured as suggested?

According to the Microsoft’s knowledge base possible causes of “Stop: 0x0000008E” Blue Screen Of Death stop errors may be caused be the following ->

Hard disk damage

General hardware configuration problems with the BIOS, the memory, the hard disk, or with other devices

Incompatible device driver

Incompatible software

Suggest reviewing the below Microsoft knowledge base for detailed information on how to effectively trouble shoot “Stop: 0x0000008E” BSOD stop error problems ->


Since your Computer functions correctly in the Safe Mode when only minimal Drivers are installed suggest that possibly you have an “Incompatible device driver” as suggested by the Microsoft knowledge based article.