PC Restarts Unexpectedly - Part 2

Hello agian, My pc has restarted again unexpectedly. I know its not my PSU, it only 1 month old and its an OCZ 700w. Its not my ram, i did memtest on it. Also i noticed it only restarts when i play games after a couple minutes maybe 20-40 min. My guess now is that it might be my power strip.

What do you think caused it?

When playing games, does the PC use up more power to run the games compared to being idle on the desktop? If so, then my guessing it my power strip and its time for me to get a new one, since it is 6-7 years old.

Have you check to see if your GPU fan is working properly and not overheating. Sounds like you got a overheating GPU fan that isn’t working properly?

It working, since i installed a Zalman cooler instead of the stock fan. It idles around 48© and since its hot in my house, it is right now at 55©. I know it is supposed to be hot since I have a P4 3.4Ghz and is a Prescott core. Prescott cores are normally hotter than other processors.

So what do you think it is?
It usually happens when im playing games. So im thinking, does the PC use more power when i play games like CS:S, compared to being idle at the desktop?

If so, then I probably need a new power strip surge protector.

It’s your PSU,RAM, or OS problems. A power strip won’t help you but you can try it. Try it in another pc and see how it goes.

coolcolors mentioned the GPU. That’s the video hardware. It could be overheating. Its heatsink could be plugged with dust or if it has a fan, the fan could be sick.

Same goes for the CPU heatsink and fan.

Yes, running games can work the CPU and video hard.

Could be heat. Could be other things as mentioned above.
Could be that the aftermarket GPU HSF was not installed correctly (thermal paste ?)
During game play, keep an eye on temps and fan speeds.
Speedfan works, minimize it to Sys Tray.

Also see if you are throwing any error codes.

As a experiment, you can take the side cover off your case and point a desk fan at the inside of the box.
If the strange behavior stops, then it’s likely that you have a cooling prob.

Your PSU may be 700W but is it [I]enough[/I]??

Here is a link to calculate whether you have enough power or not: http://www.extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp

sounds like video card is overheating, did you per chance OC it?

To find out whats going wrong the bluescreen may help.

In the control panel you can disable the automatic restart of windows if an error occured.

This should be at “System” - Tab “advanced”, button “start and restore”, than you should find a area called “system error”, there you must disable “automatic restart”

Note, the names in quotation marks may differ from the englsh windows version, I looked at my (german) windows, and sometimes the german and englisch translations are very far away… But I’m sure you’ll find it! :iagree:

I doubt its my power supply, its 700w and my recommended is 502w on the website. Also i recently bought a new video card, but the same thing had happened to my old one that I have had for many years. I will post the error codes I receive to see what causes these restarts.

How old is the motherboard? Have you checked the electrolytic capacitors are they bulging or leaking?

That is the indication that your video card become over heated.

I still think the video card is the cause of the restarting as the GPU isn’t cooling correctly or the fan isn’t working properly and or is dirty and need to be air canister to blow away the dust on the GPU fan. Did you ever mention what kinda video card you had installed into your system? Also you should make sure your case has proper ventilation for correct cooling air flow. I know, I had restarts on my previous video card cause it’s GPU fan was going out and would lockup my computer after playing a GPU intensive game or just restart when I exited the program.

I dont think it is, the video and im using is brand new one, and using my old one, the problem still persisted. The new video card is less then 1 week old.

I get this error code, which has no info except:

And a bunch of numbers, i have a minidump but i dont know how to use it.

What is your sound card?
Do you have a PCI/software based 56K dialup modem?
Have you checked your IDE cables recently?
Have you tried stressing your CPU/RAM with a stress-test program like prime95?

Are you running SATA/RAID on winxp? Have you run checkdisk on the entire array to ensure that there are no issues with either the HDD’s or drivers (I had a raid array with bodgy drivers which would bluescreen/reboot the pc when it accessed a particular file). Driver change … problem went away.

Check the clips that hold the heatsink to the CPU are they tight?

“Video Card: Nvidia GeForce FX 5700LE”

What version of nvidia software driver do you have installed to run the video card? I have a 7600 series card and I think it’s due to that the video card your using is not up to speed on the newer games and graphics intensive applications those higher end games require. My cards are as of now just AGP 8x until I jump to PCI-E. Cause I know a big difference in playing NWN2 on a 6200 compared to a 7600 there is a big if not hugh difference in graphics quality wise and draw speed and playability. And a failing or bad heat sink can cause restart or lockups-you don’t notice it on everyday applications but when pushed isn’t able to cool fast enough and either the CPU or GPU suffers performance and restarts and or just fail. Also be sure you don’t have a virus or malware installed or corrupted file that will cause restarts as well espically if it’s part of the windows system files.

So far the restarts have ceased, I think what might of fixed it was that I downgraded and went back to 93.71. I’m using the 7950gt and the fans are working. I was using the new 94.24, but I’m using the 93.71 and everything seems to be working fine. Ill post and notify you guys as soon as it starts happening again. Also i would like to thank you all guys for helping me.

It’s hard to diagnose problems on the net. Good luck.

I second you on that part rolling56. But as always users should use drivers for made for that hardware and not another custom unless they are prepared for long term diagnosing the problem.