PC restart when try to install alcohol

my PC always restarts when i try to install alcohol. I have tryed with two different Alcohol versions but the problem continues
Some idea why?
Incompatibility with some program, maybe?

Thanks for your help

What operating system do you have? What are your computers specs.

switch off Automatic reboot under System Properties, then try again if it Bluescreens then send a minidump (windows\minidump) if one is created to the Alcohol Support Team.

sorry for not answering before.
I don´t think the problems are due to the specs of the pc.
i had previously installed alcohol without problem, but i formatted the hdisk and reinstalled the same windows xp professional, so same pc, same s.o. but new problem :rolleyes:

Maybe I should reinstall the s.o. and try again

And thank you robbo and ashmo for your reply, very kind of you :clap:

It will mostly be down to a software conflict that could easily be resolved if you send the minidump to the support team, this would save a OS reinstallation etc.