Pc Resets with Liteon LTR-40125s zsok

Ok my bro in law is having quite a few probs with his 40x Liteon running under Windows Xp,basically the problem is that the pc will randomly reset while using cdrw or it will actually turn the system off instead of restarting it if u leave a cdrw in the drive otherwise its fine…the problem doesnt seem to occur with cd-r’s.

He is running an AMD Athlon XP 1700+ with basically one HD a dvd drive ,burner and a couple of case fans on a 300w psu…thinking this was maybe the problem we tried my old Aopen 300wpsu but problem is still there and theres no way im letting him use my Antec 430w psu hehehe

Also tried as many software fixes as possible but none seem to work,short of upgrading psu ive run out of answers for this one, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or knows what the heck is going on here…thanks


don’t worry guys after much crap and tinkering with settings and hardware finally found out it was incd causing all the problems…primarily the latest updated version of incd…dont know why so stuffs me if anyone knows a reason gladly fill me in


this is typical behavior for incd. i thought for a long time it was an interaction with other software…it’s not. lots of others have probs with incd also. i’ve removed it. :bigsmile: no probs now. you might try to update your aspi layer. this has helped some. turning off xp’s built in burner prog might help, at least it has been mentioned on these forums. i used to think that i needed packet writing…i didn’t:cool: i do wonder why these progs don’t work and/or get along with each other :rolleyes: competition maybe? :Z

after ironing out all the little bugs w/ owning my first liteon…found another bug but need others to confirm.

using zs0n firmware on 40x. Why o why can’t i get any recording software to image a pressed original music cd or vcd faster than 32x. It’s bull. w/ data cd i can select the liteon to read at 48x. I’m starting to wonder if other 40x firmwares limit pressed audio/video cds. I had to copy 15 original vcds then noticed the drive isn’t making the loud spin noise when max option is selected. So i checked…both nero 5599 and clonecd 4 will change the read speed to 32x max when a pressed music or vcd is inserted…put a data cd…back to 48x max option. Is this a bug in the firmware or a limitation by software?

Well if it’s not too much trouble…would someone w/ the 40x drive put an original pressed music cd in ur liteon and see what speed nero or clonecd will let read it at. Thx. And telling me the firmware used will be helpful as well so i can switch to it

btw…i’m running xp pro sp1, dma is enabled, and if you need my rig’s info i believe i listed it on another thread. Too long to list again.