PC reboots with disk in 1100A

Been having a problem with a PC I built for someone a while ago using this drive. In normal use, everything is fine, but if he switches it on with a CD in the drive then it almost never gets into Windows but keeps rebooting. Without a disk it’s fine. Similarly, he can do whatever he wants in Windows, PC is perfectly stable but put a CD or DVD in the drive and computer immediately restarts - this is as soon as the drive door closes, not partway through burning or anything. I suspect it might be a flaky power supply, the extra load of spinning up the drive tipping it over the edge, but it seems a bit strange as it’s a fairly basic machine, single HDD etc.

Anyone seen this with the 1100A before?

Nope, never heard of this problem before.
You may also want to try a different IDE cable.

Got some more information from him - it’s only when he puts a blank CD in that it happens. If he switches on the computer with the disk in, then it gets into this cycle of restarting part way through. Eventually it will get into Windows, then runs fine for a while and restarts after maybe an hour. It behaves as if it’s overhreating, but this definitely isn’t the case. If he puts a blank CD in when in Windows, immediate restart every time.

No blank CD in the drive, completely stable no matter what you do.

Sound like a Windows problem to me. When a blank CD is put in Win XP, it activates the build in burning program - if this program encounters a critical error the system may reboot if the reboot automatically switch is set in the System properties.

Try to open the System properties (eg. by pressing Win key + break key), find the reboot part and uncheck it (can’t remember the English names of the menus as I am using the Swedish version of XP). If this helps, it may be an idea to reinstall windows as something is seriously sc***ed up.

Does your friend use INCD or some other packet writing program?

Yes, that’s classic InCD behaviour.