PC reboots when I try to copy from CD-RW

I bought Nec 3500 to replace LiteOn CDRW. But I now have a strange problem. I’ve got a couple or re-writable disks I put some archives using InCD while still on LiteOn. Now when I try to copy any file which is bigger than 10Mb to my HD, my PC reboots. I try to use my old CD-ROM - the result is the same, my PC reboots. It is ok to copy small files (less than 1MB). Can anyone help me with it?

I once had a similar problem - check your power supply.

power supply seems ok… I’ve burnt an audio CD without any problem recently…

How exactly did you test it? You need to do one of two things to be sure:

[li]Use a multimeter to test the PSU[/li][li]Try connecting a new PSU[/li][/ol]Best of luck.

An inadequate power supply can indeed cause the problem you’re describing. Software, too, may be an issue. You may want to try a trial copy of System Mechanic and clean out your registry. Memory errors also can cause system reboots while copying. Try to find a freeware copy of MemoryDoc and let it do a thorough test of your memory. And finally there’s the old stand-by possible solution for everything in the universe: update your video drivers.

I just got a 3500 myself for $75 from TigerDirect and will be testing it over the next few weeks. Hard to believe a drive being that inexpensive can be any good, but so far it’s working out just fine.


P.S. – Do you really need InCD? I’ve always found it very problematic.