PC reboots at start-up (2nd person has the problem... me)

Hi almighty users i hope :bow:

Ok here is what my problem is i have redThis topic from A-to-Z

I have the same problems on a cold boot early in the morning it reboots 2 times or even as much as 10 times before i get to the desktop of Windows XP Pro.

Why it start happening i don’t know but this machine has ran for almost a whole year without any problems at all.

I have no virussus on my disks (i dont know if that counts for the master boot record to) Like i said i have the same problems as that other guy and the story just ends without an aswhere.

I have no OCed hardware.

u still having same issue ??? just curious ran across this post

Yes i still have the problem… but mabey it is my bios that needs to be reset and flushed again … but i am not sure. I did not do it jet bcouse i dont have time for it.