PC rebooting

Since upgrading to a Pioneer 110D, I’ve taken my old Pioneer 106 out & put it into my wife’s PC. It was recognised straight away & will play CDs but as soon as I try playing a DVD it just goes blank & reboots. No error message, Nothing! The PC is a homebuilt Duron 1.3 running XP Home on an ASRock Mobo with 256 MB ram & a Radeon series 7000 128MB video card. It had a DVD ROM drive (removed when I installed the 106) in it that played without a problem. It is set as the secondary master & is the only device on that IDE cable. Any ideas please?

Any DVD player software installed? Some software is known to cause problems with certain hardware. I personally only know about problems with Plextor DVD drives and the Sonic DLA software (which causes blue screens when inserting a DVD disc in the Plextor drive) but maybe in your case something similar is going on.

Try clicking RUN, type MSCONFIG, select STARTUP, select DISABLE ALL, OK. then reboot see if you have the same problem.

I think I may have sussed it! I’ve installed the lastest drivers for the Radeon vid card & that seems to have settled it. Slightly surprised because the vid card is about 2 yeras newer than the 106. Anyway, here’s hoping that it stays OK. Thanks for the replies guys.