Pc Problems

Hi All,

for about the last year i have had a problem with my dvd burning ! i have tried everything but cant get it sorted, first of all the problem is that when burning a dvdr X16 or x8 it takes about 15 - 20 minutes it takes 2 mins just to write the lead in ? when i do a nero true speed check it shows that the fastest it burns to the dvdrs is about 6.7x the buffer while burning jumps around eratically.
i have looked on the net for ages trying to find a solution, Everyone keeps telling me to make sure UDMA is enabled and that i have the latest firmware which is both done UDMA for DVDROM is set to 5 and UDMA on writer is set to 4.
yesterday i got sick and tired of putting up with this burning problem and brought 2 new drives costing £70 i got a Asus DVDrom 16x and a Pioneer 111DVDR but im still getting the same problems- i called my local pc shop who said it sounds like a ide driver problem ? i have now installed the latest SIS drivers and still the same thing is happening ?

i have a

AMDXP 3400
400gig hdd
1gig ram
pioneer 111 dvd burner
asus dvdrom 16x

please help

To check if it is a driver problem. Go to control panel–>system proerties–>hardware and choose device manager. Then click on the little + by IDE ATA/ATAPI controlers to expand the menu. Click on the secondary ide chanel. right click and choose uninstal. Restart your PC and windows will automatically re-install those drives on re-boot.

If this doesn’t solve it then other steps will be suggested.

i have tired this but no joy ? please can you advise further?

What are you trying to burn?
What software are you using and it’s version number?
Have you tried using a different burning application to see if it does it faster?
What media are you using? (Please give MID as well, use Nero CD/DVD speed to find this out, it will be under disc info tab)
What are the jumper settings on the drives?
That’s all the questions I can thing of, I am sure there maybe more, but it will do for a start. When trying to track down a problem more info is better.

hi ,

burning a movie
disk type - Mcc 03rg20 or Ritek g05 or prodisk04
other software does ahve the same problems.
jumpers are set dvd rom master and dvdwriter slave

Bin the G05 crap discs, can’t cmment on prodisk, but you can’t go wrong with Verbatim.

When you say burning a movie please be a bit more specific. Are you burning an ISO, converting an avi to play on a DVD player, backing up a DVD?

Go back to an older version of Nero, v7 is known to be buggy as hell.

i’ve tried verbatim in the past along with samsung and tdk and get the same problem with them all, also updated from nero 6 to nero 7 because i was having this problem.
Do you think it could be a problem with my mother board?

It is possible but it’s more likely to be a bottle neck on your system some where.
I would start with the IDE channels in XP device manager. DMA needs to be on for both the primary and secondary channels.
Has your HDD been defragged recently?
Nero 7 is problematical at the moment so I would go back to
Do you do anything else whilst burning?
Do you have 80 wire IDE cables to your drives?
Have you been deleting unwanted images and video files as you have been going along?
Have a look at these and see how you get on.

wee DMA is on and Arron has tried removing and re-installing IDE drivers.

Have you tried burning a pure data disc and seeing how long it takes?

Jay you’re right.
I thought after I posted to ask him to do a burst rate test if it’s 24 or more the problem should not exist? if it’s less…
How are SIS drivers on the IDE, I have never used them my self.

Edit … We are assuming that the DVD drive is not in an external enclosure.

That’s just it they were removed windows automatically installs its’ own on re-boot.

Another thing if you are backing up a DVD are you trying to do it on the fly or putting an image on the hdd first?

I’ve used them for the last 3 years or so with many different drives and they never missed a beat. I even prefer this board in my sig for stability over previous Asus w/Intel I had.

which is both done [B]UDMA for DVDROM is set to 5[/B] and UDMA on writer is set to 4.

Never, it is impossible.

impossible ? how can i post a screen shot? it is set to 5 !!!

when i do a data disk its quick about 6 mins for full dvd this problem only arrises when doing on the fly copys ?

im on a 80 pin ide cable, i dont run any other programs while burning but system idle process stays at 99 and nero has 0 Cpu while burning.

i do keep my system clean and tidy ie deleting all unwanted iso and running cleanup regular and also defrag at least one a week.?

here is the log for the dvdrom burst rate test if it helps?

Serial Number;Drive;Firmware;Transfer Rate - Average;Transfer Rate - Start;Transfer Rate - End;Random Seek Time;1/3 Seek Time;Full Seek Time;1 X CPU Usage;2 X CPU Usage;4 X CPU Usage;8 X CPU Usage;Burst rate;Spin Up Time;Spin Down Time;Load Time;Eject Time;Recognition Time
;ASUS DVD-E616A ;1.06;7.63x;4.22x;10.20x;95 ms;112 ms;191 ms;3 %;6 %;11 %;22 %;58796 KB/sec;2.55 sec;2.76 sec;1.23 sec;1.31 sec;7.62 sec

and the pioneer 111 burner burst rate test is

Serial Number;Drive;Firmware;Transfer Rate - Average;Transfer Rate - Start;Transfer Rate - End;Random Seek Time;1/3 Seek Time;Full Seek Time;1 X CPU Usage;2 X CPU Usage;4 X CPU Usage;8 X CPU Usage;Burst rate;Spin Up Time;Spin Down Time;Load Time;Eject Time;Recognition Time
FCDL014942WL;PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-111 ;1.19;9.36x;5.20x;12.52x;137 ms;153 ms;230 ms;6 %;20 %;n/a;42 %;37975 KB/sec;0.00 sec;3.01 sec;17.28 sec;1.23 sec;0.02 sec

does this help ?

A ODD (optical disk drive) cannot run in UDMA5 mode, AFAIK. I have not seen such a drive yet.
Avoid OTF if you have not the right devices, setup and tools necessary. :wink:

? Otf whats that ? i dont understand how you say this is impossible but in my device manager it says udma 5 ? can i send you a screen shot some how ?

setup and tools necessary ? whats that mean?

oh OTF on the fly right ? what devices do i need for this then ?

UDMA mode 5 is usually your primary ide ,and that would be your hardrive connection. Would that be correct? Because i’ve been giving Chef the same wrong answer I just learned that. By the way would I benefit from 80 wire ide cables with my dvd drive? Seeing how it was mentioned I wouldn’t mind knowing why it was.

Arron how is that Asus dvd rom? ( well other than the problems your having now. Sorry I can’t help) I am thinking about buying it myself. Mainly for ripping movies, and playing video games ( also looking for something with quiet playback). I hardly play video games but’s nice to get a drive that can actually install one.

What is your mobo/chipset then? CPU-Z will tell you that and much more.
What IDE drivers are you using right now.

BTW, I would love to have a Burst Rate of [I]58796[/I] KB/sec (~57.4 MB/s) on my opticals… heh. :rolleyes: