PC Problem Trojan Infected

After installing some freeware, some days ago, getting the PC restarted black screen came on with: “scanning bios image in hard drive…_” and stayed there till Ii stopped PC Holding power switch for ten seconds. I had to leave it for 15 or 20 minutes to restart PC again.
I have Norton Corporate on my Pc and “LiveUpdate” it every time I connect to the Net, but “Win32 Trojan” went straight through Norton and infected Opening Memory and five other files. I downloaded “NOD32 Demo” and run it a few times. It finds the Win32 Trojan in “C:\Program Files\Common Files\oluccupa\mtarbfdr”and “C:\Program Files\Common Files\oluccupa\osfrqslclf” every time, and won’t restart past the “scanning bios image in hard drive…_”, unless I leave it for a long while before trying again. I am tempted to delete the folder with the two files since its creation date is Nov.14. 2004. but I don’t want to bugger it up.
I know this is not a “CD Q”, but it’s very important to me.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you

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What was the freeware you installed?

It was something from Kazaa, but it cancelled the download almost as soon as it started.

I also installed DVD Srink , STert Up Control Panel. DVD Decripter.

Run Moosoft’s The Cleaner. Here you can download a trial:



You can also run Panda check for your whole system (free) at www.pandasoftware.com - it and TrendMicro are the two best antivirus in the world-


Thanks to all of you guys. I’m really gratefull.
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If you haven’t got her fixed yet like Big Mike said, Trend micro is great at www.housecall.trendmicro.com or the Symantic site at www.sarc.com Kazaa is probably what did you in. Good luck

Yo bigmike7

I have full pack anti-everything Norton 2005. The notebook was always getting bogged down and not respond after a little while. I kept on doing scans with the Norton and nothing showed up.So after reading this thread, I decided to do a full sweap with panda antivirus. Well guess what, it found 3 viruses. Now the PC is running sweet.

Thaks a lot bigmike7