PC prices expected to remain stable

I just posted the article PC prices expected to remain stable.

As the Microsoft Windows 7 launch on Oct. 22 quickly approaches, PC prices have never been better for consumers.

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More specific advice is to wait until after the holiday shopping seaon is over too (Mid January to late March). There is a certainty that 2009 model computers will be marked down further to clear stock for 2010 models. Though B&M is being smart with their inventories doesn’t mean that a glut of 2009 computers & parts won’t be heading for discount online which will further push down the average price for a new pc in 2010. Right now B&M has a slight advantage… but all bets are off after the holiday seaon is over and seaonal price cuts come to computer components such as processors, motherboards, memory and graphics cards. Intel and Amd have been very stingy in their last round of price cuts. The only gains seen in 2009 were in hard drive pricing, and video cards. Transition to ddr3 memory kept memory prices steady with odd monthly spikes here and there. Direct-X11 made a whole bunch of non-compatible video cards suddenly dirt cheap (go figure). The best values to be had by people who build their own systems is just after a round of price cuts.

  • I wonder if the price of direct-x 11(gaming) machines will be above or below the average 2009 pc price of $761 in 2010… Time will tell.