PC Power supply compatibility



anybody know if a US PC power supply can be used in the UK?
i know it’s switchable to a different voltage but is it compatible with the frequency since US runs at 60Hz and UK is at 50Hz and what does the rear of a UK power supply look like, so i know if the UK power cable can be used on it


If it’s switchable or stated to be full range autovoltage, the frequency shouldn’t be an issue, since it neither uses it for timing, nor contains any iron-core transforformers that may be sensitive to frequency.

The standard connector on UK models is the IEC 3 pin - just looked at one on a US site, and it’s the same, and it was specified for 115/230V, 50-60 Hz.

If it supports the voltage, it should not be a problem - just make sure you DO put the “destruct switch” in the correct position!


thanks for the info i was just too lazy to do some research.

hehehe yeah the switch deffo gotta be in 230 position thanks


ok i looked on the side of one of my power supplys in the closet and it is 60/50 Hertz switchable never paid any attention to it coz ehh never had to build one for overseas
Thanks for your info.