PC Performance Issues

Recently I’ve begun backing up DVDs to DVD. I now have significant issues with very slow disk defragmentation and this windows XP utiltity seems to grind to a halt and even hang.

Anybody else come across this problem and find a solution? (Several adware/spyware cleaner packages have not detected anything noteworthy during subsequent scans, so I’m not thinking this is a factor.)

Here’s the software I’ve recently installed that may be factoring into this issue:

Nero 7 Essentials (as released with a Sony DRX-830u DVD drive installed in the last 2 days on my computer)
DVDFab Platinum
2 Firmware updates (1 for the drive above and another for the dvd/cd player in my tower… both acquired by way of ImgBurn.)

Also, screen refreshing has become significantly degraded - even when NOT running DVD backup utilities and codes mentioned above.

Any thoughts? dvdFab seems to frag the crap out of my hard drive, so maybe the defrag is slow on account of putting all the pieces back together, but even after a couple of back to back defrags, the process still seems to hang a bit too long for comfort.

Try to restore your system to pre-installation of all this software reboot your computer and just install Nero 7 (nothing else) and try to copy your DVD see what happen then report back to this forum if you still have problem for the next step that has to be taken.

Well, but is Nero 7 “out of the box” going to let me backup commercial DVD movies?

If so, I’m not sure how to do this, but willing to try to learn.

Also - I’m not sure how to revert back to previous firmware versions on the drives.

Final datapoint - I just noted that, while I rip to a separate slave drive, I’m thinking maybe the drive the windowsXP os is on is being pulled into the ripping process, too, and is getting badly fragged. Just defragged that one.

So would Nero 7 “out of the box” do my commercial DVD movie backups to DVD+r DL discs???

Restoring the machine to a previous date is easy. Just go to Accessories and then System Tools and you will find the System Restore. This will revert your Windows OS to a date and time of your choice. It will do nothing for firmware that you have updated on your drives.

You should also remove completely ALL of the programs you have listed. Clean out the Registry (Very DANGEROUS-Be CAREFUL). Defragment your hard disk suing the Windows utility or Norton Speeddisk or similar. When you are sure that you have no issues of this sort-then you can try loading software again.

Since you bought a drive that comes with Nero 7-load it first. Make very certain that you DO NOT install InCD at this time-it is a known source of problems. For that matter consider an alternate such as Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 (what I am using now)/ This is worth every penny of the price and is a full solution for general burning. If this install works properly you can proceed to add what you need for copying the DVD’s you mentioned.
Screen refresh and other issues are caused by a number of things. It is possible that main memory is being used for video, if you do not have enough on the card. I see no reason to have done anything with the firmware on your drives. as one is brand new. I use nothing but Sony drives and have never updated the firmware-they work out of the box just fine for me. If you have an older drive in the tower that is sluggish-it could be on its way out and you might consider replacing it (basic ones are very low cost anymore).
Hope this helps a bit. Have a happy holiday

whenever u try to defrag try to have at least 15 % free hdd space

Check your HD’s to see if you have a bunch of 4+ GB temp files. Many of the dvd to dvd programs can leave temp files on your pc. Trying to defrag with a bunch of huge chunks of files can take quite awhile, as windows has to move the chunk to a temp area, then move it again to ease the fragmentation. I work with large video files, and when I have a bunch of them with fragmentation, it takes a long long time to defrag.

You could also try using the defrag utility while booted in Safe Mode.

Check the DMA settings for your hard drive and dvd drives.