PC or Shotgun?

Greetings! Thank You for welcoming me to your forum!

I am fairly new to burning technology but not new to MS technology. I have looked around and checked out most of the “Read Me First’s”. That said: I seem to have a unique problem and I hope someone can help me. I recently purchased a Mad Dog 16XDVD9-EXT. As for software I am running the Nero 6 OEM that was packaged with the unit, and DVD Idle Pro and DVD Fab Platinum. My problems are so many that I don’t know where to start but here goes…

The Nero software has never worked on my system. (WinXP SP2) It will neither read nor write DVD’s. However, the testing part of the software DOES work… (Horray!) Windows Media Player WILL play DVD’s. DVD Fab successfully burned two disc’s and then went crazy…

[Thought about ShotGun]

Now DVD plays in Media Player but will not fully write in DVD Fab. Part way through the burn it will stop and give me various errors. (Always different.)

[Wondered if I had any ammo.]

Sometimes Windows will recognize the drive and other times not. As usual it calls it DVD or CD-R or DVD-RW or what ever. I was told by Mad Dog to edit my registry and change the burn code to 2 (CD-RW) on the drive. This did not help.

[Went to bedroom and inspected ShotGun.]

I was also told to flash my USB 2.0 with it’s newest firmware. This also did nothing. Then I was told to flash my BIOS… Also no help. I have also flashed the unit with Mad Dog’s newest posted firmware (16XDVD92_FW_2FD). I followed your link to “The Dangerous Brothers” but I am not confident enough to try that yet!

[Carried ShotGun into Computer Room!]

I have also uninstalled all Nero Software just in case and re-tried to burn… No Help. I have also swapped out the drive in case of an optical error. This also did nothing… I also have various media that I have tried.

[Did some target practice.]

This is my situation, my madness, my novella as a first post…