PC odd behavior after burning DVD (NEC3500 - Nero



I’ve noted some odd behavior with my PC (pretty much described in my signature below)…

What happens is that after I have completed burning a DVD (NEC Burning ROM -, I eject the disk and insert another disk (just to play a movie for example), the PC acts very strangely - won’t play or often won’t even recognize the DVD. So I reboot after the reboot has completed I notice that i don’t have all the icons I normally have in my systray. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 reboots to get all the icons back in the systray. The missing icons are usually for an HP Printer, a Microsoft Intellimouse and sometimes ATI Catalyst Control Center.

As you can see from my post count, I’m new to this forum and also real new to DVD burning (although I’ve burned quite a few CDs on my OLD LiteON and on my previous TDK drive).

Does anybody have any idea what might be going on???

Thanks in advance for any help,


In XP, if you installed InCD upgrade without first using the InCD Clean tool, it sometimes destroys the items in the startup/Run registry key. I always back up my registry before upgrading InCD. I’ve had to use the registry backup a few times to get the startup items back. This may be your problem . . . I wish they would fix that. I’ve noticed it the last 3 updates. Windows 2000 and 98SE seem to be immune, but I still backup my registry first. It’s also possible that autoinsert is turned off on your drive that Nero is using by Nero.



Do you check for spyware or defrag often? Something draining your CPU when idle? Just some ideas off the top of me head.


I don’t use INCd and I faithfully run Spybot and Adaware weekly (and check for updates as well)… My Antivirus is current… As is my windows update. As a matter of fact I just put the latest 10 windows update patches on; and oddly enough it took 3 re-boots before I got my normal systray icons back again. This is odd but it’s beginning to look like it’s got nothing to do with my NEC or Nero since I hadn’t burned anything prior to the shutdown for ‘activation’ of the windows updates. Must be just something odd with windows or my configuration. I’ll keep puzzling over it and post anything else i discover. Thanks to the two of you who offered assistance.