Pc not starting properly!

I have this game called need for speed most wanted and i wanted to make a backup copy of it. So i got Alcohol and backed it up and it worked just fine. then the next time i turned my pc on after the windows xp loading screen came up it just went black and nothing else happened. so i held down the on/off button for 5 secs to start up my pc again and then this message came up saying something like we are sorry for the inconvienience but windows couldn’t start properly due to a recent hardware change etc etc etc.
I had these options on how to start windows, start on safe mode and other safe mode options, start on windows last known good configuration and start windows normaly.
I pressed on start windows normally and it started normally.

The next time i turned my pc on the same thing happened again and this usually keeps on happening. also when i press last know good configuration or start windows normally it usually doesn’t work unless u do it alot of times and its really anoyying!!

So could u plz help me?

Frankly, I doubt that your problem has anything to do with alcohol. However, if you believe that it does, why not uninstall it and then see if your problem goes away?

or use system restore and restore to a time when you weren’t having problems.

Or, buy a legal copy.


ahh i posted in this thread before seeing the other thread.

it’s one thing to steal software, but it’s quite another to have the nerve to ask the people you stole from for tech support.

badd crack!! your probably loaded with spyware too !!!