PC not recognize my NEC ND 3500A?

Hi >> sorry I am totaly thick when it comes to these sort of things.

I orginaly had a sony DRU 700A installed on my PC, I have just taken it out of My PC case, and attached my new NEC 3500A inside.

The green ligh is on my NEC drive and I am able to eject the CD/DVD tray no problems.

the problem is when my PC boots up 2 my desktop there is no pop up message of >> “found new hardware” >>> and when I click on “my computer” there is no DVD writer picture next to my hard drives.

in short words my PC doesnt seem 2 recognize it >>> should I of uninstalled the sony drive B4 putting in my NEC >???

any ideas on wot the problem might be >?

You should wait until the all process is concluded. When It shows “found new hardware” after do you get any error message?

Make sure that you set the jumper on the back of the drive to the correct position so that it doesn’t conflict with any other device on the same ribbon cable. Maybe you could just set it to what your DRU-700A was set as.

Yes, and also check that you have pluged the IDE cable in the proper direction and that all IDE channels are enabled in the system BIOS

Hi >> thanks for help guys !!

I have connected it to exact same way as my sony DRU 700A was connected regards to the IDE cabels >> and it still doesnt recognize the drive, not in device manager or in my computer.

I havent got a clue wot I might be doing wrong >> I have just re-attached my sony drive and it finds it no problems.

as soon as I attach the NEC drive it doesnt show up any were

I am totaly confused, and have been tryign to fix this problems for the lat 3 hours :a

any more ideas >??

here is a link to a guy who is having the exact same problems as me, he seems to explain it better.

My NEC refused to work with 2 drives as secondary master nor slave when i got it last week.
Bios didn’t report any secondary drive and win2k only showed the cdrw.

I switched primary and secondary (NEC as Primary Master) connectors now both drives and HDDs are working great.
Worth a try.

I am having a total nightmare with this !!

I need a beer !

Here is a picture I found that shows how to connect any type of Hard/Optical Drive.
Hopefully a picture is worth 10 messages.

Well I tried to upload a jpeg then a bmp then a doc file… I give up.

Try open the pic in M$ Paint and save it with .PNG extention. :wink:
(Edit–> paste in from…)

Note, max size 100kb.

Good Luck :cool:

Doesn’t to like me today. I ewven tried a .png from CD Speed at 23KB. It just says invalid image error. I have uploaded to attachments before. I even did a copy paste from Word to the window and the pic would not follow.

so, I’m at a loss why I can’t seem to upload.

Vbulletin likes me today…

Here is a scan of a page from instructions on connecting drives and master slave cable select if you are still having a problem getting things working.