Pc Mp3 To Hi Fi

Hi I wasnt quite sure but decided it was better to post my question here, I want to be able to play my mp3 from my pc through the hi fi , I have researched a bit and found out lots of information about connecting a pc to hi fi , i would appreciate advice about the best way to achieve this , I have contemplated a 3.5mmm stereo jack to rca stereo phonos staright into the stereo but dismissed that one , thought about using a video sender with appropriate scart converters to wirelessly stream the audio to my hi fi without the need for a direct electrical connection , not being experienced with pcs i was wondering whether the best avenue would be to upgrade the pc as it only has standars sockets ie no rca video audio outp[uts , again not sure what to do for the best , Thanks

Why did you dismiss the idea of using a 3.5mm jack to phono wire? I use one of those at home with no problems whatsoever.