PC Media USA - Taiyo Yuden printables 100/$35?!?



I found these yesterday: Taiyo Yuden (G02) at some place called PC Media USA through PriceGrabber.com, $35 shipped for 100 white-printable DVD-Rs. Might be crap/fake, but… I could not find any posts here on this shop. Can’t be any worse than some other stuff I’ve bought! :confused:


You can ask the seller if there is any code in the inner hub starting with GGxxxxxx (8 digits). If there is no such codes then it’s not real TYG02.


Too late, I already ordered some. :rolleyes: I’ll post what I find when they come!


gg? mine reads gd000314!


I believe GDxxxxxx for TYG01 and GGxxxxxx for TYG02. Someone correct me please.


According to my TYs, you’re correct. :iagree:


Thanks for the clarification, since I don’t have TYG01 anymore.


And TYG03’s are GHxxxxxx