PC making noises

My computer is making all these horrible noises. Please Help.

Could you give us a little more detail. Does it work at all? What kind of noise is it? clicking, grinding noise…? :confused:

Great thread title…Got my attention…
Some possible solutions:

  1. Get some headphones and then you won’t hear it…
  2. Turn up your stereo…
  3. Provide some more information so someone can figure out what your problem is…

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and you need to provide more information.

wher eis the sound scoming from
what does it sound like
is it only while doing certain operations or is the sound constant?
did it recently start

he he, love the title…

Anywayz, is it a grinding noise, or a clicking noise, or more of a rattle?

Have you checked to see if the fans are hitting any wires? Or one of your fans could be going bad.

RickDriver makes a very good point if you have case fans. I always have to check where case fan wires are when I close up my case.

It would be really handy as people have said, if you could describe the sound, and where you think it’s coming from.

Guys/girls, hear this story:

Few months ago, one of my friends came to me to burn some music. Since I was in the middle of lunch I told to him to do what he wants…
Few minutes later (when I finished my lunch) I went to my room to see what is he doing - I was stunned when I heard very unpleasant and scary noise. At the moment I thought that the big fan in the front of my case exploded, still spinning what’s left of it. I asked him: “Sasha, WTF is going on? What is that noise?” He said: "Oh, I don’t know, it’s normal, I guess?"
I turned off my PC, checked the fan = everything was OK. Then I got it: idiot put two CD’s in my LG DVD burner’s tray!!! :a :sad:
I had luck, 'cause my burner didn’t get damaged :slight_smile: , but one of those two CD’s was ruined…

I guess this has nothing to do with your problem, Blooz TH? Or it does? :bigsmile:

Simple. Outer World > Home Depot > Ear Muffs

@pejakm - your friend deserves the “Duh!” award :bigsmile:…but it’s another good question!

Ya, sorry bout the title. Well it makes a sort of banging, grinding noise. And no more jokes bout ear muffs. Oh and it does work. Its also been very slow and I lost half my programs. When I click on my shortcuts, it pops-up an error message stating the directory could not be found. Any help?

Nope its not double CD.

Check your harddrive with the manufactures diag. tool. Sounds like the drive is going bad.

its either

the hd,
a disk drive,
a fan

if you cant see a problem with any of these id say take it to your local computer shop, we cant really help without being able to look at your computer…


Sounds like knocking repeated (sometimes with a fixed frequency) are typic of a hard disk failure.

I had some time ago a disk making this type of noise. I employed a very good program to fix damaged hard disks (SpinRIte) and I defined clearly the problem: there was one unreadable sector (really only some bytes are unreadable). The situation was really rare, this sector was used by the directory C:\WINDOWS. Obviously, every time any application try to use this part of Windows, the computer tried to read the sector several times (making noises) and finally “gives up”.

You say: " Its also been very slow and I lost half my programs. When I click on my shortcuts, it pops-up an error message stating the directory could not be found.". This “not found” or in your words “lost programs” could mean unreadable parts of the disk.

If you are confortable editing hard disks at low level (under the operative system) and fixing hard disks sector by sector… it would be a good idea trying to use Norton Utilities, SpinRite or tools like these. If you are not confortable or don not have the knowledge…DO NOT try to edit the disk at low level, find a friend who knows about this theme or a technician.

Anyway, if the hard disk is failing, my advise is: do not use it if you have important information on it, using the disk could lead to worst situations (losing more and more info).

If you want to study a little about hard disks, these are good sources:





Good luck!!!

When i have a HD going south it sounds like a rat or two inside the tower chewing on things. :eek: Zerp, Zerp, Zerp! always went in three’s. :sad:

Clean the computer up, especially all FANS.

Take the side panel off the PC and use your sense of hearing to try and isolate if itis coming from a HDD or a fan.

Do yourself a favor. Backup anything you want to keep off that HDD fast.

Yah but with that Spinrite thing do I have to open up the Pc?
And how much do you think it would cost for a technician to do it?

Can someone please help me!!! Afew weeks a go pc was rattelin really badly, was told it was the fan on the power supply. Put a new one in and the noises stopped. Afew days later its has started makin a grinding noise, and sounds slike it is revvin, if that makes sense! Does anyone no wot i can do? Im scared of it goin bang lol!


Paula :slight_smile:

As others have mentioned, noises usually come from fans or hard drives. Well, I guess optical drives will make noises too, escpecially if you put two discs in it :slight_smile:

Others have made good suggestions about removing the side panel to trace down the sound. A stopped or noisy fan should be fairly easy to spot.

If it’s the hard drive, it will probably die shortly. If you have any important data, pictures, etc., on the drive you should make a backup copy of it.

If you can still run XP, there are two hard drive diagnostic programs you can run under XP. Otherwise you will need to boot up a DOS based diagnostic from CD or floppy.

I run a hard drive diagnostic every few weeks to try to get a warning of impending failure.

You can run a hard drive diagnostic on-line by going here:

You would run the “Drive Self Test”, unless the drive is external. Normally you only need to run the S.M.A.R.T and the short test. But if you have important data on the drive that isn’t backed up, you should do that first. The drive is going to die sometime, and during the test is as likely a time to die as any.

There is also an acoustical spin down test. When you click the button, your drive will be stopped. This is a good diagnostic tool to see if the noise you hear is coming from the hard drive. This test is under the “USB/1394 drive tests”. Note that this category will also work for internal drives.

If you don’t like on-line diagnostics, which require an active-x control, you can download, install, and run the Western Digital diagnostic. This one doesn’t have a spin down test.

These diagnostics, like most hard drive diagnostics, will work for any PATA/SATA hard drives regardless of who made them.