PC makers want lower cost BD-ROM drives



I just posted the article PC makers want lower cost BD-ROM drives.

PC manufacturers HP, Dell, Acer, ASUS and others are reportedly shopping around, requesting lower OEM prices for BD-ROM and BD combo drives. According to the report, PC makers are asking for up to…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14950-PC-makers-want-lower-cost-BD-ROM-drives.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14950-PC-makers-want-lower-cost-BD-ROM-drives.html)

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Maybe they should try bundling AnyDVDHD with each PC that has a Bluray in the meantime. Or for legal reasons, maybe they could just give a coupon or code and the end user could make the choice. I bet Slysoft would give them a discount for volume orders. Why else would anyone want such a drive in their box, unless they want to rip rentals? Plus, if you had any incompatibilities, they would be negated and would save the PC vendor a lot of customer service calls.


I agree with Crabby. WHY would anyone want a BD-Rom drive in their PC ? To watch blu-ray ? I don’t think so. To read BD-R media ? Come on, get serious. The issue here is that the laptop manufacturers want to add ‘extra value’ to their hardware by including these drives (to help them sell) - when actually in the real world only a handful of n00bs will be using them. Even if the price were lower - I still wouldn’t have one because there is no need for it.
Computer + BD-ROM = epic FAIL !


"Why else would anyone want such a drive in their box"

Because we can!


Cause you going to get software, and games on Blu-ray. Just like why did you need a DVD drive, when we had CD drives. As games are getting lager.


I never saw a game or any other software on BD.

BD writer I could use even with $700-800 price for writer but for that I need $10 MAXIMUM (better around $3-5) blank medias.
BD reader - no use at all for now.


GAMES on blu-ray… only for the PS3 matey ! It won’t happen for PC’s for a LOOOONG time yet (and by then we’ll have something else with more storage than blu-ray). Systems such as ‘Steam’ is where people will get their games, more and more in this digital download age.
Companies will push STEAM for lots of reasons, but one of the main reasons nobody will mention is that it’ll kill off the second-hand market overnight. Ever tried playing a Steam game, and then selling it when you’re finished ? It’s probably in the EULA that you cannot do this anyway ! Second-hand games do not put pennies into the devs bank accounts - so they have to try and kill it.


Yeah, forget about PC games on Blu-ray. It took forever to go from CD to DVD.


I have had an HD-DVD-Rom drive for 2 years and a BD-rom for more then 1 year now. They have come in quite handy for me and my NMT :wink:


What is it with people that still use Optical ? It’s just such a waste of time and cash. I work in the IT industry, and know NOBODY who owns a bd-rom or hd-dvd rom. I think if anyone were to tell me they owned one… we’d simply point and laugh. :smiley:


Yes EMC Centera systems are so energy efficient.

We look at spinning hard drives and laugh. :smiley:


I agree with Frank.
As you can see in this article, PC Makers are looking for ways to lower the BD-Rom cost. This means they are looking for ways to eventually make it mainstream, the way dvd-roms are today. Who today only gets a CD reader, no one! Well, that’s were the industry is transitioning into. I think it’ll take as long as it took DVD, it wasn’t overnight. perhaps a bit longer. But once all the computers you buy make it no-brainer I believe we will see PC games and some software start popping up. IMHO, I believe this will take 3-4 years to make a full tranisition. By 2012 we won’t know be buying CDs much less CD-Rs.


Vic_M says: What is it with people that still use Optical ?

Everyone has optical in their PC or laptop. I don’t think Optical will be replace very soon with other format. Floopy was replaced just past 1-2 years. Dell, HP etc don’t offer floopy with their default configuration anymore. USB flash will replace Optical? Not sure.

Vic_M says: I work in the IT industry, and know NOBODY who owns a bd-rom or hd-dvd rom.

Your experience doesn’t reflect the entire market or universe. :stuck_out_tongue:


@ SciFer

I applaud the efforts of the manufacturers, but I think it will bring minimal return. People still love DVD, and by the time they need more space it will be the next optical format they’ll look to. And to those who think optical is dead, I wish them well in fantasyland. People want backups of their games/photos/music/videos. Hard drives fail, so it makes sense to back up your stuff onto reliable DVD-Rs at 20 cents each.


You need optical for making images of your hard drive or for archiving photos and such. In the digital age, photos for instance can add up fast. I personally back up any really important ones to discs. I also have automated backup of my photos to another HDD. A DVD can hold lots of pictures, even if you have a 10 megapixel camera. 6 megapixel is quite common and cheap.

I also like making unattended system install discs.


@spinning magnets
Really - well please take the hard-disk out of your PC. Now point and laugh.
Don’t waste your time talking about efficiency. More energy is used creating the BILLIONS of optical disks on the planet than hard-drives.


HDD’s, optical discs and flash drives all have their place, there’s no need to argue about why you should only use 1 of them. I prefer HDD’s in a RAID configuration for storing most my data. Even so, there will always be a need for optical drives and media as long as content is distributed on optical discs, which will continue to happen for many, many years.


I took it out. :slight_smile:
I don’t have a hard drive: SSD

I’m still laughing :smiley:
Those wonderul optical discs can be reycled (and are).


Beta-ray doesn’t add any value to a PC as it cripples one’s ability to utilise HD content. HDCP/AACS/BD+ and all the other fair-use destroying technologies are sending a big finger to the consumer - why don’t the consumers respond in kind - twice fold.


@ BitRate
Because it’s all about money, nothing is ever going to change that.
But no worries, that’s why we give them the big finger back, have you heard of AnyDVD?

At any means, we do have the ability to balance the power.