PC-Magazin (GER) review

This magazine did a review of burners and media (May 2004) and used a CATS dvd analyer. Someone summarized it and tagged it on the thread with the C’t review (another CATS analyer review).


BEST drives (grouped together, not in order of performance)

  • LG 4801 / only fails on VDSPMSAB01 (DVD-R), MCC01RG20 (DVD-R), OPTODISCR004 (DVD-R) and MCI4XG01 (DVD-R). Very good dual format drive, if you avoid the crappiest media
  • BenQ DW-800A / excellent drive for DVD+R burning (just as LG4801). Now if only all burns had jitter within specs and this was a true 8x dual-format drive…

WORST drives (in order of performance as rated by me based on burn test results)

  1. Sony DRU-530 / only really burns ok on Ritek R02 and MCC002 (both DVD+R). REally bad drive
  2. LiteOn LDW-811s / only really burns good on TYG01 (DVD-R), Ritek G04 (DVD-R), POMSC001 (DVD+R) and Ritek R02 (DVD+R). IMHO, not a trustworthy drive.

FYI: Newegg is carrying the BenQ DW822A for $99 now.


More semi-literate, occasionally usefull “testing” from C’T. (yawns)

rdgrimes I think you misunderstand. This is from PC-Magazin (GER) and was also tagged onto another thread by another independent magazine C’t which also did a review of burners with a CATS analyzer and jitter analysis. Two magazines both come up with very similar conclusions: BenQ and LG produce some of the best burns on the market and Lite-on has some problems.