PC Mag looks at Sony VAIO XL1 200 disc Digital Living System

I just posted the article PC Mag looks at Sony VAIO XL1 200 disc Digital Living System.

Sony has
announced that they are expanding the VAIO line with a new and rather exciting
home entertainment product. Dubbed the VAIO XL1 Digital Living System, here we
have a 2.8GHz dual core…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11011-PC-Mag-looks-at-Sony-VAIO-XL1-200-disc-Digital-Living-System.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11011-PC-Mag-looks-at-Sony-VAIO-XL1-200-disc-Digital-Living-System.html)

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More information can be read here in this PR NewsWire press release Complete specs from Sony preorder page can be read here in PDF format.
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I want one … but when can I afford one?

Is it just me or does that seem REALLY cheap considering the number of drives in this thing? That means just for the drives alone, not considering anything else, the drives work out at around $10 each??? I’d say this is an incredible price if I understand it properly!

Ok knew it seemed too good - it’s a 200 changer not a 200 burner Nila goes back to sleep again

Nila, it has a changer, not 200 individual burners. It’s a decent price, but you can get a better Media Center PC and a 200 disc changer much cheaper than this. But not with the style of this solution.

Yeah, but this is a changer/burner I think. I don’t know of any such device. But, I haven’t really looked. Also, what is convenient it seems if I read this correctly, you can have 175 CD/DVD and then 25 blank discs and the database keeps track. From the press release: "Two sleek components comprise Sony’s Digital Living System: a high-end multimedia PC and a 200-disc media changer/recorder. and "You can also record a series of television show episodes to the hard drive and easily transfer them to blank DVDs stored in the changer.
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Wait wait… Something doesn’t make sense here… This is a “Sony” product and yet its a 200+ CD/DVD burning system? What?! Corporate irony or what? They tout this thing can burn music, TV, DVDs… etc but isn’t that totally going against multiple copyright laws which this system easily skirts? Buy this system and you could become a major copying site! Doesn’t anyone else thinks this oxymoronic? If it was some no-name corporation I’d understand but Sony? I thought they’re supposed to be protecting digital property? But heyy… not that I’m complaining… :g

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