Pc & Mac

Hi, I’m a PC user and I would like to know if it’s possible to burn a CD on PC and use it on MAC. What software supports that?

It’s some MAC software which I don’t think I’m able to use on the PC in any way - but just want to burn so a friend of mine can use it (on his MAC).

A friend of mine told me about some software being able to run PC applications on a MAC … maybe that would be a better solution.

Let me know.

If a CD is copied, then it’s copied. We used to talk about 1:1, you see. The file system required for a Mac is intact on the copy. If there’s no copy protection on the original then it will be 1:1

In many cases you can drag n drop in a copy program for the Mac. A good example of this is the Mac OS CD.

Allright, sounds not too difficult ;).

But … let’s say I got a file, on my pc, with the extension .dmg or .toast (don’t know if that’s for real but I think it exists ;)) … And I would like to burn it. Shouldn’t I have some MAC burning application?

Thanx in advance :).


FutureProof is correct that if you copy a CD 1:1, the Mac should be able to read it. But as you said, if you have some Mac files on your PC’s hard drive which you want to copy, Windows may not recognise the Mac format and may convert the Mac file into a generic Windows binary file. When this happens, your friend’s Mac will no longer be able to properly recognise the file. One way to avoid this is to get these Mac files in Zip/RAR/StuffIt format and then burn them using your PC. Your friend’s Mac should be able to recognise these compressed files.


Ahh … okay :).

Just compress & burn.

Thanx for the help ;).

You have another solution. You can mount the .toast image file or .dmg in Alcohol 120% selecting the . flag that will allow you to see all files. Just mount the CD as a normal CD image. I think Deamon Tools can work with this too. Your Windows wont be able to read them but if you start a CD to CD copy from the emulated drive to the burner, the resulting CD will be Mac compatible and will work perfectly only with Mac.

I tried this tonight with Alcohol 120% and it works perfectly.

AND if you burn just any CD, a MAC will be able to read it. It is the PC that is more picky as to what is readable - a plain MAC recorded CD will not be read, you have to make it a hybrid, or something like that, with the software used on the MAC.