PC LockUp

Hi Everyone, I have Window XP, and two DVD burner on one IDE, Memorex
True8X and a Sony, and some DVD burn software, I have burned about 50
DVD ok, but recently, very often when I access a DVD drive, then the PC
will lock up, just freeze, the only thing to do is reset, anyone know why ??
a faulty DVD drive ??
Please help, thanks so much.

I recently had the same issues when buring cd’s. Try reinstalling your buring program, and if that won’t work, windows xp if you have the time as one of these should fix the problem. (drivers is win xp seem to like to go bad for no reason sometimes)

Try running Memtest86+ for an hour or so to exclude the possibility of bad memory chips/sticks.

You may want to make sure that the Windows Messenger Service is disabled as it can cause constant system pauses when loading or running applications.